Hoopie Awards 2013: Polls Are Open and Honorable Mentions

Hoopies2013 There’s still time to cast your ballot in the 2013 Hoopie Awards, Hooping.org’s 6th Annual Awards Celebration honoring greatness in our hooping community. And if you’ve already voted be sure to check out our Hoopie Award Honorable Mentions and Year End Wrap up because there was just so much great stuff happening in our community this past year and we’ve been really excited to round it all up and share it all with you one more time.

As for the awards themselves, please remember that it’s only one vote per IP address, so if you’ve already voted there’s no sense in trying to do so again. Ballots are, however, still being accepted and will be right up until 11:59pm on Saturday, January 26th. To cast your ballot and get all of the nominees, rules and information about the Hoopies this year, you can do so by going here: The 2013 Hoopie Awards. And just as a reminder to everyone, please don’t forget that if you’re a hooper then you’re already a winner – each and every one of you! So happy voting, reminiscing and have a hoopy weekend.

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