Clumsy People Jump Through Hoops with Urska Zajec

Urska Zajec Urska Zajec is the creator of the first ever TED talk on being clumsy that is also a celebration of hooping and the human spirit. Urska explains, “It’s a tribute to all of us average hoopers out there who may not be the best, prettiest and youngest, but enjoy this activity immensely and strive for our own personal best.”

Urska, age 39, has traveled to the U.S. several times to learn more about hooping has been spinning it up for the last five years. Urska explains, “One reason I decided to travel and meet inspiring hoopers personally is because I have been quite challenged movement-wise since a very young age. I am very clumsy and quite incapable of remembering and repeating movement, so I was too embarrassed to do any sports or dance until the time I started hooping. Hooping was something I was blown away by when I tried it though, so I decided that, if I really wanted to learn how to hoop, I needed the best teachers in ‘the business’. As years went by, however, I did realize that the goal was not to look as the professionals (they are mostly younger and/or with a long history of movement), but to embrace and develop your own abilities and be the best hooper and person you can be; as a result, I was becoming more and more inspired by the “clumsier” people I met in the process – especially the elderly hoopers, who became my role models in terms of what kind of person I wish to be when I grow old.”

Practicing in her yard over the years she was no stranger to being watched, and commented upon by her neighbors, then one of them invited her to attend a TEDx audition and the rest we shall say is history. Her talk includes illustrations by Robert Agriopoulos and includes hooping with Heike Anger (Age 60, Germany), Alan Higgs (Age 77, UK), Joyce Hampton (Age 59, New Zealand/Spain) and Pam Theobold (Age 61, USA). Urska lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2 thoughts on “Clumsy People Jump Through Hoops with Urska Zajec

  1. Any of you young’ns out there – be so glad you found the hoop now, ’cause … poof! You’re 60! I love this brave woman & this ted talk went straight to my heart. I started hooping just over 2 years ago. I’m nearly 64 and can’t imagine living without it. I’m in better shape than when I was in my 20’s, with positive happy energy ruling my life.

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