Santa and Mrs Claus Have a Hoop Jam

Santa Claus Hula Hoops It’s Christmas Eve and before Santa heads out to deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys around the world, he and Mrs. Claus take time out for a little hoopjam – and maybe some hanky panky. We’re not sure, but Santa clearly loves to hoop dance and Mrs. Claus sure seems to enjoy her minis. Applause to Stella SpinsB of Orbital Evolution, aka Brittany Briley, and DJ Joshua Pocalips for making the holiday hooping magic happen. Our Christmas hoopers have opened up a circus inspired performance art space as well – Cirque Roots Studio and Productions – where they live in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The soundtrack is “Deck The Halls (Arranged by Carmen Dragon)” by the Southwestern Seminary Oratorio Chorus and it’s available on iTunes.

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