Bianca Jade Gets The Couch Hooping

Live From The Couch Bianca Jade, founder of, recently spun her way onto “The Couch”, which as you might have guessed isn’t any ordinary sofa. We’re actually talking about “Live From The Couch”, the official name for the CBS morning television program on WLNY Channel 2 in New York City. For their “Fit Minute” segment, where they select one “trouble spot to tone and shape”, Bianca was there to talk about hooping and to show them how to keep the weight down and the energy up. When Bianca and host Carolina Bermudez hoop it up for one-full minute, we can’t decide if Bianca gets a little competitive or Carolina gets a little paranoid – but in the end Carolina is out of breath, happy and ready to give it another spin next time. Watch the video of Bianca’s appearance on “The Couch” below:

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