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New Year 30/30 Hooping Challenge

30-30 [ columnist Abby Schwartz is hooping in the new year and invites you to join us.]

by Abby Schwartz

Don’t you just love the clean slate feeling of January 1st coming around again, when all of our New Year’s resolutions feel achievable? Every year at this time, I put the same items on my to-do list. Exercise regularly, take time to meditate, and achieve better balance in my life. The fact that I have to repeat them means that my methods may not be working, but this year I have’s New Year 30/30 Hooping Challenge to help with all three and keep me on track.

Those of us who have been fans of this site for several years are familiar with the 30/30 Challenge. Imitated by many, it all started here. The basic premise is this: make a public commitment to hooping at least 30 minutes a day, for 30 consecutive days in January. When you are finished each day post a comment about your daily hooping experience, however brief or detailed, on the post for the corresponding day on’s Facebook Page. Why? So we all have accountability to one another and can support each other along the way. A new challenge post will go up on’s Facebook Page each day around midnight PST and it all starts tomorrow on New Years Day so spread the word! And because January has 31 days those who celebrate a little too hard to join us on Tuesday can begin on January 2nd, and those of us who start on New Years Day, like me, will have one wild-card day of rest to use at our discretion if we need it.

Matthias Elliott: Hooping Isn’t Manly

Matthias Elliott You know, one thing us guy hoopers cop from time to time is how unmanly it is. Usually the ones who call us ‘Girlfriend’ or ‘Princess’ or ask us if we have handbags that match our hoops quite often haven’t seen the more…primal side of hooping. Matthias Elliot proves to us just how manly, and indeed primal, hooping can be. Filmed in an undisclosed island paradise, Matthias hoops, lives (and sets hearts afire) in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. The soundtrack is by Acrodamus. A Video of the Day.

Bambolê Brasil

Bambole Brasil

Hoopers celebrate at Bambolê Brasil, the first Brazilian hoop gathering held in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Over three days Brazilians from various regions spun it up. “It was all about the hoop – techniques, movement, inspiration, hooping business issues and more,” Gisele Losso told Noticias do Dia. The event was organized by Mariana Bandarra and Pitila Hossmann of BamBamBam and Losso. Also pictured are Patricia Arnosti, Bárbara Francesquine, Gabriela Camargo, Bianca B. de Oliveira, Verinha Carvalho, Deborah Lisboa, Elizabeth Melgaço, Mariana Yomared, Cibele Boff and Felipe Quérette. Photo by Deby Dai. A Photo of the Day.

Burning Up 2012 with Fire Technicians

Fire Technicians The Fire Technicians are here to burn up the last of 2012 and while they aren’t entirely hooping focused, this is just so gosh darn freakin beautiful and amazing that we had to share it with you to end the new year right. With hooping by Brit Says, Ivory Rigney and Jenna Reeves, prepare yourself for mesmerizing fire choreography and solo artistry, all beautifully filmed and edited by Brandon Sloan of Dancing Shoes Productions. This was filmed in several locations in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where they live. The soundtrack is “Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling and it’s available on iTunes.

Have You Completed Your 2012 New Year Revolutions?

Three Beat Boo-yah! We’re back from our holiday hiatus and Danielle Lee of Hoop Elation made a New Years Revolution for herself for 2012 to learn the three beat weave. How’d she do? Well, see for yourself. Better late than never, right? Do you have any New Year Revolutions left for 2012 that you haven’t completed yet? The good news is there’s still time to make it happen so you can ring out 2012 with a boo-yah of your own. Danielle lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The soundtrack is “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem and it’s available on iTunes.

Nick Guzzardo at Chichén Itzá

nick guzzardo at the mayan pyramid

When the world was coming to an end on 12/21/12, or not as it apparently turned out, Nick Guzzardo was doing some meditative head hooping at Chichén Itzá, one of the largest Mayan cities and likely to have been one of the mythical great cities, or Tollans, referred to in later Mesoamerican literature. Chichen Itza is located in the eastern portion of the Yucatán state in Mexico. Nick lives in Castle Rock, Colorado, USA. Photo by Angela Monique Pettigrew. A Photo of the Day.

Mina Bear

Mina Bear This short n’ sweet promo reel for Mina Bear not only shows us a wide variety of tricks in the daylight, but then turns the lights off to show off her color-changing LED hoop skills after dark! Mina is from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and is a part of a diverse performance company based out of Baltimore called ELECTROCUTE. It’s her first appearance on and it was her birthday this week so Happy Birthday Mina! The video is by DC Video Works and the soundtrack is “Can’t Stop Me Now” by Pretty Lights – and you can snag it on iTunes. A Video of the Day.

For The Joy of Hooping All Year Round

Has the Grinch Stolen Your Hoop Joy? [’s Editor Philo Hagen knows the secret of Christmas isn’t the things we do at Christmas time, but the Christmas things we do all year through. Everyone at wishes you a holiday vacation filled with hoop joy and we will return from ours on Sunday, December 30th, to start counting down the best of 2012 and get ready for our New Year 30/30 Challenge, our 2013 Hoopie Awards and more.]

by Philo Hagen

We hoopers have our own version of holiday cheer and best of all, it can be enjoyed the whole year round. Sometimes, however, we can all lose sight of it. Over the years a particular quote has been mentioned so many times that it’s pretty much become part of our hoop community vernacular. I’m talking about the ever-so-catchy statement, “It’s impossible to hoop and not have a smile on your face.” It’s such a great little soundbite it’s no wonder so many of us have used it – and quite often it’s the truth, leaving the reporter or the friend or the family member instantly envisioning all of the joy filled happy hooping faces. Perhaps, they too, could find a smile of their own, they wonder to themselves, if only they had a plastic ring of their own to play with. Adding to our hoopiness smile factor is all of the “hoop love” being spun up in our hooping community. is proud to have been spreading it online since 2003 and wow – now there is this incredibly wonderful and inclusive world-wide hooping community and we’re just so chock full of hoop love we can’t help but share it – or can we? What do we do when we’re just not feeling it?

During the time I spend watching hooping videos, and I watch more than probably anyone, I have noticed in the last couple of years and with increasing frequency that not only are hoopers not smiling as much anymore, there are those who look downright unhappy to be hooping – or at least to be doing so in front of the camera. It’s as if the Grinch stole their hoop joy, cause you know that they had it at some point. And when you read the information they’ve posted about their video, it’s often a windy apology. “I’m sorry I didn’t hoop as well as I normally would, but I was tired and…” “I’m sorry this isn’t edited…” “I’m sorry I made mistakes…” “I’m sorry I suck so bad…” If all of this isn’t bad enough in and of itself, it has become increasingly rare that anyone comes along to love that hooper back into shape. They might get a comment like “Your move at 2:52 was good” – but is the commenter implying that the remainder of the four minute adventure wasn’t? Has the commenter lost sight of their own hoop joy enough that only a couple wow factor seconds felt noteworthy? It’s got me wondering what has happened to all of the beaming faces? When did hoopers start getting so down on themselves? Is our hoop community in need of a Christmas miracle? How do we get that hoop love back not only for ourselves, but for others?

Santa and Mrs Claus Have a Hoop Jam

Santa Claus Hula Hoops It’s Christmas Eve and before Santa heads out to deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys around the world, he and Mrs. Claus take time out for a little hoopjam – and maybe some hanky panky. We’re not sure, but Santa clearly loves to hoop dance and Mrs. Claus sure seems to enjoy her minis. Applause to Stella SpinsB of Orbital Evolution, aka Brittany Briley, and DJ Joshua Pocalips for making the holiday hooping magic happen. Our Christmas hoopers have opened up a circus inspired performance art space as well – Cirque Roots Studio and Productions – where they live in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The soundtrack is “Deck The Halls (Arranged by Carmen Dragon)” by the Southwestern Seminary Oratorio Chorus and it’s available on iTunes.