You Too Can Own a Chanel Hula Hoop Bag

Chanel large hula hoop bag You may remember all the hoopla last month when Chanel debuted its new hula hoop bag at Paris Fashion Week. What was intended to be a runway accessory is now about to become a consumer reality that hoopers and non-hoopers alike can purchase. So many people posted photos and links about the hula hoop bag that a Women’s Wear Daily article announced that the Chanel bags are going into production and will be available for sale, both in the original runway size as well as a smaller 28 centimeter size. This is being attributed to the power of social media. Retailers and buyers were inundated with calls to preorder Chanel’s hula hoop bags after the internet was flooded with pictures of supermodels like Sigrid Agren carrying the hula hoop bag.

Chanel small hula hoop purse The Chanel hoop design is also available in other sizes. As for the large one that captured the imagination of the general public, Karl Lagerfeld explained his intention for the hula hoop bag to The Daily Telegraph, stating, “It’s for the beach. You need space for the beach towel. And then you can put it into the sand and hang things on it.” No word on prices yet, but if you’re on a budget maybe you can look into scoring the Anderson Cooper knock off (we love the mismatched hoops and AC logo) or you can always make your own like Jenna Sauers at Jezebel did and hers turned out pretty great in our opinion.

Beth Lavinder's Hula Hoop Bag Of course, if you really want to be in hooper vogue, you should also consider another alternative. Hooper Beth Lavinder has a hula hoop bag as well of her own design, and while it is remarkably similar to the Lagerfeld design for Chanel, Beth’s version actually first arrived on the scene nearly two years earlier. “It’s a hoop carrier I made and have been using for the past couple of years,” she told, designed to be most ideal for traveling on airplanes with a coiled down hoop. “They are a bit of work, but yes, I do make these. I make them to hold 22″ coils or smaller since the airlines will allow 22″ by 22″ by 1″ maximum carry-ons last time I checked.” Beth officially began selling her version to the public in June of this year, nearly four months before Chanel.

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