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Top Ten Hooping Music Videos When it comes to hooping there’s nothing better than cranking up the music. We all know that hoop dancing to the right song can take the experience to a whole new level, maybe even somewhere beyond our wildest dreams. So it isn’t any wonder that musicians have been turning more and more to hoopers in recent years to take their new singles and spin them into something energetic, entertaining and enthusiastic. The result has been that more and more music videos that are hitting the web and the airwaves are incorporating hooping and hoopers to give them that something extra. What are the best hooping music videos? Glad you asked because we’re going to countdown our Top Ten hooping music videos of all time.

While music videos have been around for awhile, particularly since the dawn of MTV in the early 1980’s, the second revolution of hooping didn’t begin spinning things up until the later 1990’s at a time when music videos weren’t what they used to be. Thanks to the dawn of a web startup called YouTube in February of 2005, which was purchased by Google in November 2006, music videos have been given a brand new life and the internet has proven to be not only an awesome way for us to spread the joy of hooping around the globe, but a way for artists and musicians to get their music and ideas and vision out into the public eye as well. And while there are hooping videos made by hoopers that certainly rival if not surpass what we might find in terms of hooping in the music video genre, here are our Top Ten Hooping Music Videos that we think really did it right.

10: Cocaine Ponytail: Fires of Xanthor: Grace Farren and Mitzy Fortune portrayed the hula hooping bully and kid wearing ball gowns in this awesome indie music video out of Ireland. Released earlier this year, Cocaine Ponytail are making future music for the 80’s and hooping really spun this track up perfectly. Our original posting.

9. Vincent Vincent and the Villains: On My Own: Vincent Vincent and the Villains made the music video for their single “On My Own” all about hooping and enlisted the aid of hooper extraordinaire Marawa the Amazing to spin things up. She’s always fun to watch. “On My Own” hit the web and the airwaves in November of 2007. She lives in London, England, UK. Our original posting.

8: The Violets: Seen It On TV: Lead singer Alexander “Mr. Magenta” Nixon of The Violets is an incredible hooper in his own right, so when it came time to record the music video for the band’s new single “Seen It On TV”, what they needed to do to make it interesting was something of a no brainer. This one takes us back to September of 2006. He lives in New York City, New York, USA. Our original posting.

7: The Knocks: Geronimo: The Knocks teamed up with six-time World Champion Hoop Dancer Nakotah Larance for this native american hoop dance music video that still leaves us breathless every time we watch it. Shot in the desert at New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument and released earlier this year, it’s nothing short of epic. Our original posting.

6: Noona: Hula Hoop: Thai pop superstar and actress Noona released a new single called “Hula Hoop” last year and the music video for it featured not only her hooping it up, but there were appearances by some truly amazing hoopers and hoops all sizes and styles. The song and video inspired Thailand and many throughout the world to pick up a hoop and give it a spin. Our original posting.

5: Sven Hammond Soul: Hoopla!: Sven Hammond Soul’s single “Hoopla!” remains a must see. Released last year it features an array of hoopers including Karin de Wit and Anna Loots. They live in The Netherlands. Our original posting.

4: Uncle Larry: Chandeleir: A hooping video gone haywire was the concept for this music video by hoopers and featuring hoopers. Uncle Larry created this gem earlier this year that is worth watching for the hoop tunnel camera work alone! Add Anna Stone of HoopVive, Barbra Ignatiev, Rachel Ignatiev, Kristi Tarantino and Uncle Larry’s Billy Judge Baldus all hooping it up and it’s such a sure fire winner. They live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Our Original Post.

3: Fatboy Slim: That Old Pair of Jeans: Angie Mack of Hoop O’Clock took us an awesome hooping journey when this video first hit the web in August of 2006 and we all fell in love with it. Fatboy Slim hosted a video competition for this single with one contest stipulation – that the video include juggling and even though Angie’s had no juggling at all they loved it, gave it a special award and released it as the hula hoop version. She lives in Brighton, England, UK. Our original posting.

2: Manic Focus: Circles: Manic Focus used someone who knows all about circles for their single earlier this year – Lisa Lottie and hr extraordinary circus hooping talents paired up with impeccable production by Digital Skylight literally gave us chills. She lives in London, England, UK. Our original posting.

1: Laura Scarbourgh: Circle: Laura Scarborough of Hoop Circle released this awesome hooping music video back in June of 2006 and instantly blew us all away. Her original and inspiring musical soundtrack, visualized into this tightly edited video that she wrote, performed and edited as well remains our leader of the pack six years later. She lives in Austin, Texas, USA. Our original posting.

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