Hutchinson Kansas Sets Guinness Hula Hoop World Record

Hula Hoop World Record in Hutchinson Kansas It’s time to add Hutchinson, Kansas, to the hot spots of hooping. Hutchinson, located 39 miles (63 km) northwest of Wichita, on the Arkansas River, has been home to salt mines since 1887, thus its nickname of “Salt City”. But now the city with a population of 42,080 has something else to brag about. They’re the current holders of a Guiness World Record for the Largest Hula Hoop Workout.” 290 Students at Hutchinson Magnet School lined up on the playground and danced a hula hoop routine in a bid to establish themselves as Guinness World Record holders and this week they got the word from Guiness that they did just that.

Guinness emailed local coordinator Michelle Clinage, of Sei Bella Studio, announcing: “We are pleased to confirm that you have successfully set the new Guinness World Records title for Largest Hula Hoop workout. Guinness World Records congratulates you on your achievement. Your official certificate confirming your world record is being created and will be sent to you shortly.” The previous record was held by the Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa in Edinburgh, UK, where 232 locals and staff performed a Hula Hoop workout in April 2012. Hutchinson, however, beat the record with more than 50 participants to the soundtrack “Firework” by Katy Perry (on iTunes). Clinage knows the record is vulnerable though. Another school in the U.S. and another group in the UK have or are making attempts so she’s thinking about breaking the record herself with another school group. Watch video of their world record achievement below:

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