Month: November 2012

Is Hooping Better Than Sex?

[Guest blogger Dorne Pentes raises a very big question.] by Dorne Pentes A few weeks ago I had an awesome, awesome spin. Hooping outside on a beautiful day I had a lot of pent-up emotion, plenty of time and no…

Karin de Wit

Emre Mirza of Afterthought Media recently had the opportunity to shoot something beautiful – the always enchanting Karin de Wit of Movin’Circle. Here we finding Karin bringing her grace and flow to this gorgeous video, just as she always does.…

Richie Hoopspinner Isaacs

Reading a book has never been so fun.’s visual editor Richie “Hoopspinner” Isaacs reads his favorite book while spinning the hoop. We love it! He lives in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand. A Photo of the Day.

Lilea Duran: Wild Horses

You may remember Lilea Duran of Sun Glow Hoop Dance from our second season of Hooping Idol. Driving home the other day she heard “Wild Horses” by The Sundays and all she could think about was getting home to hoop…

Hooping Spins Vogue Italia

Hooping is most certainly in Vogue, this time literally. Vogue Italia says “Enough with tiring and non-motivating fitness activities: today workouts should be fun. And this is one of the reasons some are looking back to the past and digging…

Gifting Hoops For Hoopy Holidays

Hooping Santas

[ columnist Shea Brock wants you to play Santa with hoops this season.] by Shea Brock Hoopy Holidays all you gorgeous hoopers out there. It’s that time of year again already. Trees are going up, stockings are being hung and people…


Stef Nolletti of Astral Hoops, Bee May and Rachel “Radia” Day all hoop dance and shine at Aura 2012 in Tempe, Arizona, USA. Soundtrack: “Dubuasca” by Bassnectar (on iTunes). A Video of the Day.

Toni Smith

Toni Smith, aka Minnie Maniac, hoops at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She’s from Christchurch, New Zealand. Photo by Arda Ozum. A Photo of the Day.

DJ Top Romin: Hula Hoop Girl

Hoop Dreams: Hula Hoop Girl

DJ Top Romin spins up a track called “Hula Hoop Girl” and brings in Sara Weinshenk to spin things up. Warning: This video is also wafflelicious. You might get hungry while watching. It’s the latest from Breakfast For Dinner TV.…