Vogue Fashion Night Out Hula Hoops It Up

Vogue Fashion Night Out Paris 2012 Earlier this year Marawa The Amazing was recommended to Opening Ceremony as a nice addition to the opening party for their new store in London. “I was lucky enough to meet two of the smartest, most stylish and hard working people on the planet, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the masterminds not only behind OC, but the newly appointed creative directors of KENZO,” she told Hooping.org. The OC London party turned out to be so much fun that when they mentioned putting something together in Paris for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, she simply attributed to it late night party talk that would never actually happen. That is, until the phone rang.

Vogue Fashion Night Out Paris 2012 Vogue’s Fashion Night Out has long been an event where the big fashion houses try to out do one another with over the top stunts and KENZO decided to get ahead of the game this year by making headlines all over fashion blogs for their hoopla parties, held in both the London and Paris stores. Marawa explained, “I worked with their super friendly team and we put together a program of hoop performances, as well as competitions.” Marawa went off to Paris and Charlene Hoola Davies was put in charge of the hoopla in London. Marawa met up with Paris based hoopers including Anossens and Lila Chupa-Hoops of Hoopera, both well from their seasons on Hooping Idol. There they put together two routines to a great mash up of tracks and the highlight of the night when when Vogue turned up and filmed the entire show, streaming it live during their coverage of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out which set everyone in the fashion world talking about how hip hooping is right now.

Lila explained, “They contacted Hoopera to animate the event in Paris because even though they wanted Marawa for the main performance, they wanted other hoopers from Paris for kind of urban hoop dancing. For Fashion Night Out all of the very famous and haute-couture shops were open like Kenzo, Dior, Esacada and Guerlain, all offering animations and performances to entertain the fashionistas. Anossens, Shamay, China and I had less than 24 hours to learn the choreography we created with Marawa which featured as many as three hoops at times. It was very exciting and the KENZO team were really nice with us: clothes, make up and hair, catering, pictures, everyone enjoyed it.”

Vogue Fashion Night Out Paris 2012 Our readers probably remember KENZO adding hoops into their promotions prior to all of this, even if they were simply being held rather than spun. And with yesterday’s reveal of Karl Lagerfeld’s latest hula hoop bag design for Chanel it is clear that hooping is clearly in vogue. Marawa notes, “Before hooping ends up on the ‘Oh that was so 2012’ list we should grab this opportunity to show the world just how fashionable core strength really is! Something that surely should never go out of fashion. Hopefully we can make the hoop as trendy, or dare I say as iconic as the high heel, two very fashionable items that are best seen together as far as I am concerned.”

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012And with the hoop spinning into high fashion, it has also spun up interest in Paris. “I think it was a big event for the hula hoop in Paris. It’s been a year since we started the community and that opportunity really made the hoop visible to hundreds of people here,” Lila explained. “I even met people afterwards who told me they saw us perform. It really helped in breaking the cliché of the hula hoop being for little girls and gave hoop dance real credibility in sportive and dancing activities. I couldn’t be more happier that it spread a bit of hoop love in the streets of Paris.”

While we all know that hooping has been fashionable now for years, in the case of this scenario surrounding Paris fashion week and Vogue’s Fashion Night Out the real thanks should go to Carol and Humberto for spinning things up brilliantly. “Thanks to them I think we are going to see some great hoop things in the next few months,” Marawa laughed, adding, “Now if we could could get Miu Miu to make me a nice little hoop bag to travel with.”

All photos courtesy of Herve PHOTOGRAFF.

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