Philip Golle Hula Hoops on Das Supertalent

Philip Golle on Das Supertalent
Philip Golle on Das Supertalent
It’s Das Supertalent time in Germany everybody and the performer that everybody in Deutschland is talking about is Philip Golle, aka Phil Plastie, a fabulous hula hoop artist that has now spun his way on to national television. Golle, who lives in Berlin, captured the attention of viewers from the moment he took the stage with his long, bright pink hair, stylish gender bender wardrobe and beautifully painted face. While some may have initially thought his appearance was a simple publicity stunt, it is quickly proving to simply be his authenticity, for without his make-up he feels naked. Golle told Backstage Magazine that he earned his talent hard in the past and that what started out as a mere hobby developed quickly into a way of life, and that included his appearance. But less anybody get the mistaken idea that he is transgender, Philip was very clear about the fact that he is not, explaining, “I was not born in the wrong body.”

With the nickname “Colorful Bird” following him, Philip, a freelance dancer, model and artist, he did raise a few eyebrows in the audience, not to mention at the judge’s table. What did Das Supertalent panelists Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker think of Philip? Any initial skepticism they and anyone may have had was soon cast aside watching him hoop, and that was certainly the case here at as well. With grace, style and truly flawless execution, Philip dazzled everyone with his hoops and moves, moves that include the absolute best booty hooping we’ve ever seen to date.

All of the hoop action ultimately inspired Michelle Hunziker to give a hoop a spin as well and while the other judges couldn’t make it happen, she did really well. When it was all said and done though it was Philip that stole the show. Michelle said that she very entertained by Philip and Dieter thought he sold his performance so well, noting that it was clear that this wasn’t a joke for him, he ended up calling Philip the “Herr der Ringe”, which in English is the “Lord of the Rings”. Philip Golle’s incredible performance captured their hearts, the hearts of many Germans and our hearts here at as well. He has been moved forward to the next round and we congratulate him. Watch the video by clicking on the image below:

Das Supertalent

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  1. I loved this video! I don’t understand German, but I felt compelled to watch the whole video anyway. I was totally blown away by his booty hooping! That had to be my favorite part! I didn’t know that was possible. Rock on.

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