Phat Hoops Have Vancouver USA in a Spin

Phat Hoops Trina Latshaw is making physical activity fun with her Phat Hoops fitness hoops. A few years ago she and a friend found an old handmade hoop and spent many of the following evenings together hanging out, drinking wine and hooping. But they only had one hoop, so Latshaw decided to build her own. Then friends and family wanted one and soon she was selling her wares at the Vancouver USA Marathon and the Vancouver Brew Fest. “It’s been a wild ride,” she told The Columbian. Her youngest Phat Hoop client is 4 years old; her oldest, 82. “I’ve never seen somebody so excited to hoop,” Latshaw said of the 82-year-old woman. “That’s the coolest thing, how happy it makes people. And, it’s good for you.” Trina herself has lost 2 to 3 inches off her waist and noticed a more toned tummy thanks to hooping. She lives in Ridgefield, Washington, USA.

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