Make a Hula Hoop Rug

hoop rug You may remember when we told you how to make a rug using your hula hoop last year. Now the Once Upon a Family blog has some tips to improve upon the original Disney Family Fun instructions as well as helpful step by step photos. If you still haven’t tried this DIY craft project, autumn is the perfect time to clean out your drawers and use some old t-shirts to make a nice soft rug. And hoopers have an advantage when making this project: lots of different sized hoops lying around the house. Surely there’s one you don’t use much anymore so repurpose it. You can make your rug as big or as small as you like (translation: you can outfit your house with small potholders and trivets using your minis, medium sized bathmats with your off body hoop, or large floor rugs with your body rocker). Who else wants to get crafty this weekend?

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