How To Make Your Own Chanel Inspired Hula Hoop Bag

Make Your Own Chanel Hula Hoop Bag When everybody got excited about the new Chanel Hula Hoop Bag at Paris Fashion Week, Jenna Sauers at Jezebel got excited about making one. She writes, “As soon as Karl Lagerfeld showed those ridiculous(ly sublime) hula-hoop bags on the Chanel runway for spring, my colleague Dodai and I knew we had to make one. ‘It’s not up to me to say it is chic,’ said the always-modest Chanel designer after the show. ‘I thought it was, but I cannot say it myself.’ Well, Karl, we thought it was chic! So, we boned up: we studied runway photographs in extremely high resolution, talked a lot about lambskin, watched videos of the bag in motion, and tried our best to channel the spirit of Karl himself. Then we poured some gin, put on some Kraftwerk, and began our craft work. Okay, then we got bored and put on some Brandy. But eventually, we had a purse. Here’s how we did it.” Find out: How To Make Your Very Own Chanel Inspired Hula Hoop Bag.

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