1916 Chalmers Ad Features Hula Hoop

Chalmers 3400 rpm 1916

Our Friday Flashback this week spins us all the way back to 1916. We present an advertisement from The Saturday Evening Post for the all new 3400 r.p.m. Chalmers American stock car. Check out the little girl standing beside it. That is indeed a hoop she’s playing with and even the text seems to speak of hooping. “You give her gas – the gear engages – the battle with gravity is on. Picture flight as a dynamic struggle with the tugging, gripping unseen muscles of earth called gravity.” Available in “meteor blue”, please remember that “the undreamed of sparkle of fox-foot hours over April highway awaits you”, whether it’s in a Chalmers 3400 r.p.m., or inside your hoop this Spring.

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