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Thriller Zombie Hoop Dance Flash Mob Spins San Francisco

Nicole Wong and Sarah Starlight

Nicole Wong and Sarah Starlight: Photo by Jeff Medinas

When we first heard news that zombies with hula hoops were running amok on the streets of San Francisco, California, we figured Nicole Wong and Sarah Starlight of Cherry Hoops probably had something to do with it. Later, when the news arrived that the zombies weren’t just spooking tourists, but that they were gathering in hoop dance flash mobs and spinning it up to the sounds of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, then we knew for sure it couldn’t have been anybody else. The dynamic duo’s “Thriller” performance at Hoopcamp in 2011, later gave way to the Thriller: Zombie Hoop Dance video that earned them a 2012 Hoopie Award for Group Video of the Year. And now, the rumors that their “Thriller” vision had revolved into flash mobs turned out to be true, taking their magic from YouTube to the street.

With such an incredible community hooping event taking place, we knew we had to get to the bottom of it and find out more, so we interviewed the zombie hooping organizers themselves.

Battle Creek Fire Guild Burns It Up

Battle Creek Fire Guild

Battle Creek Fire Guild

The temperature is in the mid-40s in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Kellie Hungerford is feeling the cold. “I’m freezing,” she told the Battle Creek Enquirer, noting, “I need fire!” Hungerford is part of the Battle Creek Fire Guild. The Brainchild of Sean Washington, Sean explained, “I don’t want to give anyone the message that you can play with fire safely: You’re gonna get burned. If you don’t have that knowledge going in, you shouldn’t be playing with it.” Hooper Anna Blakeney knew that going in. She told the newspaper, “About three years ago, I just saw somebody hula-hooping and doing tricks and I thought, ‘I can do that.’ So I made a hoop and started practicing. Then I thought, ‘Fire would be fun!’” Washington, who is also a hooper, warned readers that hooping can become slightly addictive. “My son and I spin nightly. We don’t sit in front of the TV anymore. We sit around watching videos on the computer, learning new tricks. That could be replicated in any family.” And as for playing with fire, it’s not necessarily for everyone, but for those who do work up the courage to try it Washington warned they “are definitely in for the thrill ride of their lives.”

Happy Hoopium Halloween

Viewer Discretion Warning: We’ve never seen Robin Rapture quite like this before, but then again it is Halloween. That’s why we’re kicking off our haunted hooping holiday with Robin from Hoopium who is spinning up her hoop as well as minis. Who knew she could be so scary? She lives in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. Soundtrack: “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie (on iTunes).

Halloween Costume Tips for Hoopers

Angie Mack and her Hula Hoop

Angie Mack

[Assistant Editor Natasha “Hoopsie Daisy” Young has costume tips for your All Hallow’s Eve.]

by Hoopsie Daisy

Halloween is a holiday made for hoopers: wigs, makeup, glitter, and costumes galore! But what are hoopers to do when they want to rock an awesome costume and still be able to hoop it up? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a non-hooping costume and thought how cute it was until I realized that I wouldn’t be able to hoop in it. What’s even worse is not realizing your costume is unhoopable until your hoop starts flying off at a crazy angle or you notice your own personal costume malfunction about a minute after everyone else has already seen your goods on display. But fear not dear hoopers, is here to help you navigate through your costume choices to make sure that your Halloween celebration tomorrow night will be both happy AND hoopy!

Horror Circus

Horror Circus gives us their Halloween spin on hula hoops during a performance in Heidelberg, Germany. Last year Germany’s only horror circus opened its doors thrilling spectators with a fantastic show in the ring, and they’ve been delivering fear, horror and goosebumps ever since. They’re based out of Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany.