London Hoop Fest Rocks the City

hula hoops If you’re wondering what was hot in London over the weekend, you weren’t one of the lucky attendees at London Hoop Fest. The event was held at the popular Netil House in London Fields, Hackney, and participating in this year’s event were some of the UK’s hottest hoopsters including Marawa the Amazing, Anna the Hulagan, Satya Bella, Hooping Idol winner Nick Broyd,  Amazing Hoop Race finalist Jasmine Gardner, and Sharna Rose. The event, organized by Anna and Rowan Bryne, catered to all levels of hooping skill and was guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some soreness in your body by the end of the weekend. Feeling achy? No worries, there was a masseuse available to soothe tired muscles and assure you could continue hooping all weekend long. The event also included several short screenings of indie hoop films, lunches and access to the Netil rooftop bar and jacuzzi space. More info: Time Out London and the London Evening Standard.

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