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Top Ten List: September 23-29 2012

Top Ten List We had a blast this weekend at Hoopcamp 2012 and if you were there then you probably weren’t keeping up on everything else happening in the hoopersphere either. But don’t worry, our weekly Top Ten List is here to get you all caught up on the stuff you really don’t want to miss. We’re counting down the top ten most buzz worthy posts of the past week (as based on reader response), starting things off at number ten and working our way up to the number one spot of the week. Here’s’s Top Ten List for September 23rd – September 29th, 2012.

10: We kick things off with Lindsay turning one inside her hoop, beautifully. Lindsay Gray: Her First Hoopiversary (52 Points).

9: Next up we have Great Britain’s Rhythmic Gymnastic Team spinning things up somewhere unexpected: (Team GB Hoops in a Music Video (57 Points).

8: Our Hooper of the Week this time around was Coleen. Colleen de la Huup: Inside The Hoop (60 Points).

7: A stunning hooping self portrait in France proved to be a total winner: Hula Hoop Over the Eiffel Tower (75 Points).

6: What was our highest rated video this week? Rhiannon Martinez: Revisionist (81 Points).

5: Bonnie took a closer look this week at just how amazing we really are. The Power of the Hooping Community (96 Points).

4: And our top rated photo of the week was this truly awesome shot of Jannae Palovich (99 Points).

3: Everybody got excited about a hooper appearing on the Late Night with David Letterman show: Pete Moyers Hula Hoop Star Rises on David Letterman (102 Points).

2: And guest blogger Laura certainly struck a nerve this week. Workin Cheap: How Shortsighted Ninnies are Killing Our Profession (204 Points).

1: And at number one with a bullet this week we have boobs. Lara shared all about Hooping With Boobs (306 Points).

That’s our Top Ten List for this week, and remember that if you see something you appreciate here (or anywhere online), it only takes a second to “Like” it or leave a comment, share the hoop love and make someone’s day. YAY! Each like or comment is worth a point in calculating our Top Ten. We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr. Happy hooping everybody!

Hooping With Boobs

served [ columnist Lara Eastburn  gives us a fresh look at how our bodies and yes, boobs, affect our hooping]

by Lara Eastburn

Each of us has encountered at least one obstacle inside our hoops. For me, leg hooping was like coming up against a brick wall. I thought I’d never get it. But it certainly never occurred to me to blame my thick quadriceps or lack of visible knee-caps for it. So when challenged by torso hooping, why are so many of our well-endowed lady hoopers lightning quick to blame their bosoms? For years, online threads have asked, I’m having trouble hooping above the waist. Are my boobs too big for this? Relax, my ample friends. Your boobs aren’t holding you back in the hoop. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a factor in what’s going on.

Lilly Hoopz Spreads the Hoop Love

You may remember Lilly Hoopz as the tarot card reading store owner in the “Love Is War” video by Misty Gonzales (she also choreographed Misty’s hoop routine!). But did you know that she is sharing her hoop love all over the world? Lilly is an active participant in Misty’s Freedom Child Entertainment program. The goal of FCE is to combine the power of music with the power to dream. Sales from Misty’s “Rock & Roll Freedom Show” album and merchandise from her online store (including the hula hoop tarot cards) are being used to build a music program and physical education program for a children’s school in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti. Lilly contributed to this venture by handmaking hula hoops which were brought to children at this school. Lilly doesn’t limit her international hoop love to Haiti though. She always brings her hoops with her as she travels to locations such as Panama, Mexico, and Spain to share her love of hooping with people all over the world!

Colleen de la Huup: Inside the Hoop

Colleen de la Huup

Colleen de la Huup

Back in 2007, two poi spinners made a New Year’s Eve resolution to exercise more, not knowing where it would end up leading them. “My friend Jennifer was surfing around the web one day and read that hooping could be really good exercise, so we ordered a couple of hoops and started wobbling around in that funky way you do when you start as an adult.” Despite Colleen and Jennifer’s backgrounds in poi and object manipulation, hooping still took some getting used to. “I had a slow summer for my freelance work that year, so I did a lot of hooping in my backyard – just the basics: walking, turning and trying to dance.” Unlike today, there were very few hoop teachers or classes back in 2007, so they turned to the internet for help. “Once we found other hoopers on YouTube, that opened up an entire world for us! We tried to figure out how to do the tricks from different videos, and I actually broke a pair of glasses learning the duckout!” Five years later, Colleen is the co-owner of Hyperbola Hoops and our Hooper of the Week – join us as we go inside the circle with her!