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The Hooping Life The Hooping Life, the documentary film about the roots of the modern hoop dance movement, continued spinning things up around the world in recent weeks with screenings in Paris, Chicago, New York City, Winnipeg, Dallas, Memphis and several other cities. Most of the screenings were quite public, while some were rather organized, but the results always resulted in everybody spinning it up. By director Amy Goldstein, The Hooping Life was filmed over six years, following the lives of several noteworthy hoopers in our community. And as you probably already know, the screenings of The Hooping Life have routinely been so much more than a movie ever since they began. With workshops to teach others how to hoop, performance showcases, hoop jams with DJs and live music and more, seeing this movie is always an event. Let’s take a closer look!


In Paris, France, the screening of The Hooping Life was held at La Grande Prairie at La Bellevilloise. The outdoor hoopjam took place at noon at the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. More info here.


A group of hoopers brought The Hooping Life to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where the screening was accompanied by performances by local entertainers, as well as an open jam session. More info here.


The Chicago event was held at Catalyst Collective, a creative space on the north side of Chicago, and it included three hours of workshops, a performance showcase, raffle and a hoop jam with music by Environmental Encroachment and more. More info here.


In New York City the screening was held at The Broad Street Ballroom with a performance showcase, Q & A with Stefan Pildes who appears in the film, followed by a Dance Party Hoop Jam. More info here.


In Memphis, Tennessee, the film was screened at the Memphis Botanic Gardens with a pre-screening hoopjam and prize giveaways. More info here.


Geri McNiece writes, “I have to say that now I really see why it’s important to keep having screenings all across the globe, so people who don’t know all that hooping can offer can view this documentary. The collective stories in the film show a broad range of how the hoop can transform individuals. This film had a message for many people, not just hoopers. So think about that, especially if you are sitting on the fence about hosting your own screening. This is what I took away from the experience of this event. I was actually surprised and didn’t expect to even be thinking about how else I could share the film with others. I simply figured one screening would be enough. That tells me right there, it is powerful. It left me hungry to get the message out there.”

The only upcoming screening we know about for sure is in Spokane, Washington, on September 23rd, although we’ve heard rumors of Australian screenings in October, as well as World Hoop Day screenings in New Zealand and Grand Rapids, Michigan. USA. Want to bring the movie to your world and spin up something awesome and more hooping awareness and hoop love in your community? Find out how to do just that here. Now is the time for us all to get to see this incredible film on the big screen.

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  1. I mean every word that I said, too…I really hope to host another screening….the first one was for our local hoop community, those who hoop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area….the next screening will be geared towards those who don’t hoop yet and want to know more about what we hoopers already know – hooping is transformational and can help many different individuals on many different levels…I really hope to make a second screening happen!

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