Hoop Dancing For No Rain at the Olympics

Yellow Bird Indian Dancers Apache hoop dancers from Arizona were flown to London, England, to ensure that the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic games would stay dry. The Yellow Bird Indian Dancers got a phone call from British Airways who wanted to know if they could do a “No Rain Dance”. Apparently they’d heard of Native Americans doing a rain dance to bring the rain in a time of drought and wanted to know if they could do the opposite, holding off the rain for the opening ceremonies. Ken Duncan started laughing. “I didn’t take them seriously,” he explained. He realized they were serious though when they offered to fly them on an all expense paid trip to London if they could ensure the Olympics opening ceremonies wouldn’t get drenched. And soon they were hoop dancing in London.

Ken Duncan told Times Live, “I have begun daily prayers and requests to the Creator, asking him to speak to the rain on our behalf. I have visited and asked my spiritual elders from various tribes to pray with me. Many will be with me in spirit, and the prayers will continue until I return to Arizona.” As for what is typically a very rainy season in London any year, The Yellow Bird Dancers have not disappointed. Watch the news video below:

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