Month: August 2012

Our Annual Vacation

It's that time of year again boys and girls. is spinning away on our annual vacation so the web site won't be updated and we won't be answering email and such for a little while. Hoopers galore are currently heading to Burning Man, quite possibly the largest gathering of hoopers on the planet annually,…

Top Ten List: August 19-25 2012

Hope you've had a super happy weekend hoopers and that you've all been able to spend some time inside your hoops. It's time for us to count down the top ten most buzz worthy posts of the week (as based on reader response) and what's in our top ten this go around? Let's start things…

Sarah Sparkles Spins Multiples

Sarah Sparkles hoops it up in nature. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Soundtrack: "Ignorance is Bliss (The Claude VonStroke Remix)" by Eats Everything (on iTunes). A Video of the Day.

Jenni Fenton

Jenni Fenton enjoys hooping on a hot, summer day by the pool in St. Petersburg, Florida. Jenni was paralyzed right before Thanksgiving 2011 and has been making hoops and sharing hoop love to anyone and everyone since her accident. She's truly an inspiration. Jenni lives in Ocala, Florida, USA. Thanks Victoria. A Photo of…

Faith Mahoney

Faith Mahoney hoops it up. She lives in Telford, Tennessee, USA. Soundtrack: "Dawg's Waltz" by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia (on iTunes).

Hooping It Outside the Park

[ columnist Lara Eastburn hoops it up with the less expected.] by Lara Eastburn Has any hoop workshop ever been quite so incredible as the one I organized yesterday morning? It all happened in an elementary school cafeteria, but there wasn’t a kid in sight. School starts on Monday in these parts and, like so…

Mélodie Lamoureux

Mélodie Lamoureux hoops up something wonderful. She lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Soundtrack: "Lillies of the Valley" by Jun Miyake (on iTunes). A Video of the Day. Mélodie Lamoureux cerceaux jusqu'à quelque chose de merveilleux. Elle vit à Montréal, Québec, Canada. Soundtrack: "Lillies de la vallée" de Jun Miyake (sur iTunes). Une vidéo…

Skylar Mallas

Skylar Mallas of Soul Fire Productions spins up fire twins in this gorgeous shot. She lives in Wailua, Hawaii, USA. A Photo of the Day.

Pranking Mystic Rose

Poor Mystic Rose. She was so excited for the hoop that she ordered to arrive in the mail that her brother played a prank on her. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

UTEP Hosts Hula Hoop Retro Roving Recess

Students, faculty and staff are taking part in special hula hooping sessions on Fridays at the College of Health Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso, otherwise known as UTEP. Hula Hoop Retro Roving Recesses have been happening regularly on campus to promote health and wellness. The mission of the University of Texas…