The Knocks and Fred Falke Hoop It Up With Geronimo

Knocks and Fred Falke: Geronimo We’re so excited about the new track “Geronimo” by The Knocks and Fred Falke. The Knocks are an electronic music duo consisting of Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson from New York City. They teamed up with France-based house producer and DJ Fred Falke on their new track “Geronimo” and the brand new dance music video that goes with it delivers some of the most amazing hoop dance visuals we’ve seen in quite awhile. B-Roc told Rolling Stone that most of the song was recorded in a day at the duo’s Chinatown studio which has a portrait of Geronimo hanging in it. “When Fred was trying to think of a name for the record, before we did the vocals, he looked up and saw the picture and said, ‘Who’s that?’ We told him it’s Geronimo and he said ‘Perfect!'” So that’s what inspired the lyrics and concept. has learned that when Daniel Pappas was brought in to direct the video, he brought in Native American hoop dancer extraordinaire Nakotah Larance. The six-time World Champion Hoop Dancer is so awesome to watch in this.

B-Roc told Rolling Stone, “[Pappas] had worked with the dancer before for some project he was doing, and the second he heard the song, he had the concept. When he told us the idea, we knew it was too good to pass up. He went through a lot to lock down the dancer and the location and everything, but it definitely paid off. We think it’s cool that the video makes a reference to rave culture. You see hundreds of these ‘hoopers’ of all ages at these dance festivals, so it’s a cool thing to touch on.” Cool indeed, and even cooler when the results turn out to be this good because it just doesn’t get much better than this! Shot in the desert at New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument, don’t miss the brand new music video “Geronimo” below (thanks Cara) – and you can score the EP (on iTunes):

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  1. I just saw this video for the first time last night and I can’t stop watching it. This is just astounding!! I can’t even think of a word to describe it- it is that awesome!

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