Memphis Hooper Troopers Spin Up Community

Memphis Hooper Troopers Chloe O’Hearn was bored by exercise until she discovered hooping and now the 36-year-old hooper from Memphis, Tennessee, hopes the hoop will improve the lives of the kids of Youth Villages. “Hooping is something the kids of Youth Villages can carry with them as a coping skill or just a way to have fun. A lot of the kids there don’t really get an opportunity to just be kids,” she told the Commercial Appeal. “When I first started hooping, it was a really stressful point in my life, and hooping was a good way for me to relax and not think about things. It takes a lot of concentration to do things with hoops. Repetitive motion has a soothing effect on the brain.” O’Hearn got into hooping when she discovered there were hooping classes where she was taking bellydance lessons. Members of a group called the Hooper TroopersAdriene Holland, Megan Simpson and Abbey Pommer – reeled her in. Starting off as friends who hooped together, the Hooper Troopers were invited to hoop at the Memphis Farmers Market in 2009. “We went there, and all of these opportunities just started opening up for us to start hooping in the city,” Holland explained. Now they’re looking to spread the news even further. Melissa Wiggins, Charity Novick and the Hooper Troopers are screening The Hooping Life on Saturday, August 4th, at the Memphis Botanic Garden (tickets here). Proceeds from the event will benefit Youth Villages.

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