Make Your Own Hula Hoop Canopy

Hula Hoop Canopy Linda from Party Craft Secrets knew what to do when her daughter tolder her “my hula hoop doesn’t work any more”. The hoop had been squashed in a door and become a little square shaped. Rather than toss into a landfill, Linda writes, “inspired by many extremely beautiful beribboned canopies on the internet”, decided to make one of her own. “I suddenly remembered a bag full of streamer odds and ends that had been torn down from previous crafting experiments and left for a rainy day… or a sunny day as it turned out!” In 15 minutes and using some wool to hang the hoop and a stapler to clip the streamer-bits in place, they made magic. Linda explains, “The girls decided what we made was everything from a super-shower, a rainbow-waterfall, a giant sea monster, a princess palace, to a play-area for kids to have mini-parties.” Using lightweight fabric or ribbon you could probably create something a little more permanent as well and with a little more color coordination and some imagination this idea could be turned into something special for a multitude of decorating or party theme ideas.

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