Monthly Archives: July 2012

This is For All the Lonely Hoopers

[ columnist Casandra Tanenbaum has some tips for creating community.] by Casandra Tanenbaum People often ask me how I learned to hoopdance. With a shy smile, I admit to hours upon hours of solitary practice and…

Shellie White at Source

Shellie White of The Healthy Hooper hoops it up at SOURCE in the beautiful landscapes of Maui. She lives in Hana, Hawaii, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography. A Photo of the Day.

Ula Ula Lección de Vórtice

Tony of Tienda Malabares is here to teach us in Espanol how to do the Vortex. Tienda Malabares has two locations in both Guadalajara and Mexico City, Mexico. Tony de Tienda Malabares está aquí para…