Ten Great Reasons To Always Bring Your Hoop

Hoopers by Philo Hagen

When you leave the house and head out into the world for the day, you might be inclined to leave your hoop at home. Here are ten great reasons to take your hoop with you everywhere you go.

1. Joymaker: Your hoop doesn’t only put a smile on your own face, it puts a smile on other people’s faces too. Wherever you go, whether you’re even fully aware of it or not, you’re spreading a little joy. Maybe those who see you wind up reflecting back to when they were kids and how much they enjoyed the hula hoop. Maybe they just love that you love it! Whatever the case may be, this ole world could certainly use a whole lot more joy in it and bringing your hoop makes it happen.

2. Recruiting Tool: While many will see you out in the world with your hoop, it will only be a matter of time until you run into someone who wants to know more about it. They probably have “that look” in their eyes and may even want to give it a spin for themselves. If you have the time, by all means let them, and let them know where the next hoopjam or class or gathering is too. Taking your hoop out into the world you’re bound to encounter a few faces that you’ll be seeing at the next event. They may even wind up being your future treasured friends.

3. The Hoop Signal: There may be all kinds of people hooping where you live, but how would anyone know or find one another if they only hoop in private? Taking your hoop with you throughout the day is the single most sure fire way to find other hoopers living near you. Why? Because whenever we see someone out in public with a hoop, we just have to go talk to them about it! If you’re sending out “The Hoop Signal” hoopers will answer the call.

4. Icebreaker: Got a little crush on that guy or gal? Been looking for an excuse to break the silence and talk to them? Your hoop is the perfect tool. While many male and female pet owners will attest to the success of taking their dog out for a walk when it comes to making new friends and breaking the ice, your hoop can do the same thing. After all, it just might drop out of your hands and roll right over to them. And even if you’re already spoken for, the hoop has a tendency to attract the most wonderful people wherever you go and it levels the field for you to meet them and expand your circle.

4. Spirit Lifter: We all know that the hoop is an incredible tool for lifting our spirits and putting a smile on our face. If you’re feeling tired or a little down in the midst of your day, your hoop will be right there with you – ready and available. And when it comes to hitting that 3:00 wall at work, a five-minute hoop session can be as effective as a latte in perking us back up, boosting our physical energy and getting our shine back.

5. Body Helper: If you’ve been stiff and stressed out sitting in front of a computer all day, don’t worry. Your hoop is great for helping you get the kinks out. In addition to being used as a great tool for stretching, by having it with you for a quickie you don’t have to wait all day and let that physical tension in your body all pile up. Grab your hoop when your body says it needs a break. It certainly beats another walk to the copy machine.

6. Zen Circle: The hoop is a powerful meditation tool too and it is great for getting us back into the here and now, living in the present moment. Many stress counselors who aren’t even hoopers regularly counsel their clients to only worry about what is inside of their own personal hula hoop. For us, we don’t even need to be metaphorical about it. Even a five-minute quiet hooping session with our eyes closed, just feeling the hoop on our body. and focusing on our breathing and the rhythm of the hoop can help us chill when we need it the most.

7. Workout Wonder: While so many of us want to have more time for exercise in our busy lives, we don’t always have the time to make it happen. Can’t find an hour in your hectic schedule to hit the gym? A few ten minute exercise breaks throughout the day will give you that hour whenever you can find some time that works best for you.

8. Expect The Unexpected: We’ve all had those moments when we show up somewhere and for one reason or another – a band is doing a free afternoon lunchtime concert that we love – that song just came on the radio that just makes us want to spin it up – an idea for a hoop move just pops into your head… With your hoop in hand you won’t have to ever say to yourself, “If I only had my hoop with me right now.” You can give it go right then and there!

9. Get Famous: While it may not always be the most comfortable thing in the world for us to be noticed, most of us wouldn’t mind having a little more attention in our lives. If you have your hoop with you throughout the day, it’s even easier to take time to hoop in public. Total strangers may take your picture. People may walk right up and give you money. Those who aren’t familiar with hooping may think you’re a performer. Someone might even offer you a gig. Show up in the same place often enough and you might even become your own news story. We’re not kidding.

10. Playtime Reminder: All work and no play makes most of us miserable, so how come adults still have such a hard time playing? Even hoopers who have been at it for quite awhile forget to play and spend too much time focusing on perfecting this or that, rather than simply letting go and having fun. Carrying your hoop with you out in the world, seeing the smiling faces, having the conversations, finding our space and taking care of ourselves along the way – all helps us create enough space in our lives to simply welcome more play time. Life can simply be too serious for us to take too seriously all the time – so let’s all take our fifteen minutes of recess.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. I would love to take my hoop around but I live in a very rural area and there aren’t many opportunities to hoop in public. I thought about taking my hoop to a couple of the festivals around here but the people are a tad…uptight? You have to like…pay a fee and get yourself a little square of land to hoop on. I mean…where’s the fun for everyone else that might want to try it? Maybe I should just start going to the park.

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