Making Your Own Hula Hoop Chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier Got an old hoop laying around you’re not going to be doing anything with or one that you cut wrong that wasn’t the right size? Why not reuse, recycle and repurpose it and turn it into something useful – like making your own hula hoop chandelier? Sarah with an H writes, “I was so excited to make this. I wanted my Sun Porch to have ‘romantic’ lighting. The setting is romantic out there to begin with. There are woods in my backyard, crickets and birds singing. The sun sets behind the house and the breeze blows right through the whole area.” Her solution? A hula hoop chandelier. With a hoop in hand she then set out to score some romantic lace that she covered the hoop in and she also used as the hanging pieces as well. “The three rolls of lace were also a $1!!! SCORE! I had ‘icicle’ white lights in a Christmas bin in the basement so I pulled those out and also my hot glue gun. Wrapped the lights around the hula hoop and covered up the purple and pink hula hoop with the lace! Hung it and Wholla!!! A Magical Romantic Super Cute Hula Hoop Chandelier!!! YIPPEEEE!” More photos here.

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