Katie Keck-Wilson Just Keeps Going Viral

The latest video from Arkansas hoop dancer Katie Sunshine is quickly following in the footsteps of its predecessors and going viral on the world wide web. In fact, it’s already racked up more than 173,000 views on YouTube. Having made an appearance this week on countless sites online, Katie and her hoop have also caught the attention of her local news. Asking about the original video that started it all, which now has more than half a million views, she explained, “It’s a video of myself that I posted on YouTube of me hula-hooping to one of my favorite bands called Goldfish. The strange thing is that I posted the video almost 3 years ago and it only had a few hundred hits. But one day it just went off. It exploded. I think it all has to do with the band that I danced to. They’re really big in South Africa and Denmark. A blog in Denmark found my video. I’m sure they were looking for information about the band and so the posted my video dancing to their music as a promotion for the band coming,” Katie Keck-Wilson told Channel 5 KFSM and KXNW television. While that may have certainly kicked things off for her, the viral factor has taken her videos much farther and wider than she or Goldfish could have thought possible.

Katie, who grew up in Northwest Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas, is an elementary school art teacher when she isn’t hooping. “It’s a good cardio, good core, and it’s a good stress reliever. When I get home from work I usually hoop for 10-to-15 minutes if I’ve had a really long day of work to kind of unwind.” All of the buzz surrounding her has her thinking about doing more with her hooping as well. She’s currently considering making some hula-hooping exercise videos to try to capitalize on her fifteen minutes of fame. You can read our interview with Katie here and watch her new hooping video, a tribute to the Philadelphia Eagles and her fellow Eagles fans, below:

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