Grace Jones Hula Hoops Up Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert

Grace Jones Diamond Jubilee Hula Hooping
Grace Jones
While Grace Jones has been hula hooping her way through her hit song “Slave To The Rhythm” during her performances for some time now. We’ve featured her not once, but twice before actually. This weekend, however, brought a whole new spin to everything when she took to the stage to perform in London at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert. The 64-year-old diva did herself proud wearing a PVC red and black one-piece swimsuit, a towering red headdress and elbow-length black gloves for the appropriately formal touch. And While Paul McCartney was there headlining the event, and although there were appearances by the likes of Jessie J., Kylie Minogue and even Elton John, it was Jones’ hooping number that had everyone in the audience, even Prince Harry, watching in awe as she hula-hooped her way through the entire four-minute song. ​In fact, she stole the show. Even The Mirror is saying so.

With millions watching the Diamond Jubilee Concert at The Mall or at home on televisions around the world, Grace’s demeanor was so unflappable in the face of it all that she delivered hooping elegance and, yes, grace itself to the event. Strutting on to the Victoria Memorial Stage she looked every inch the superstar and when she launched into her 1985 hit single with a hoop spinning casually around her waist as she sang, viewers everywhere began tweeting their praise for the Jamaican born singer and actress for her stamina and her ability to keep hitting all the right notes while spinning it up. Indeed, her hooping number proved to be so popular that she was still trending on Twitter 12 hours later, something rather unheard of. Actor Alan Cumming was blown away watching Grace and he tweeted, “Shut up! Grace Jones is hula hooping for the Queen now! I think someone slipped me a mickey.” Receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, the members of the royal family in attendance seemed to appreciate her efforts when the cameras cut to them, with Zara Phillips in particular smiling broadly. And during a reception at the Guildhall, Prince William told guests that Jones was one performer in particular who caught the crowd’s attention. The Duke said he witnessed “men passing binoculars around” when she took to the stage. Watch the video of her performance below.

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