Changing the World One Hula Hoop at a Time

Carissa Caricato
Carissa Caricato
Fox News in Tampa Bay got the spin on Hoola For Happiness and how Carissa Caricato and company are changing the world one hula hoop at a time. Volunteer Elizabeth Carter explained, “It’s a lot of fun. It’s more than just hoola hooping around your waist which is what most people think hoola hooping is. There’s a lot of dance incorporated into it.” And as the hoops circle their bodies, the volunteers circle the globe, sharing their mission with others in more than a dozen nations. Carissa Caricato told Fox 13 News, “We have been to Haiti and Africa, Cambodia. Just got back from India for the second time.” The non-profit, which is based in Tampa, Florida, is on a mission. “Our mission is for the joy of hooping and the love of God, all over the world, one hoop at a time, one life at a time. I’ve been in Africa before where elderly women, you’d think they’d never smile and they’ll pick up a hoop and they’re just laughing like crazy and it’s just really, really cool to watch.” Most of all they are bringing hoops to kids. “They learn to share, they have a lot of fun, smiles break out, they show you their tricks and now, for the first time ever, someone’s noticing them, someone’s paying attention to them and congratulating them and it’s just really fun to be able to do that together,” explained Caricato. “We want to use the hoop as a tool to build friendships and meaningful relationships and restore joy that has been lost in many of the dark places around the world.” Watch the television news feature below:

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  1. Taking hula hoops to the poorest of kids in the world is a very good thing. Offering them with the caveat that these children find a Christian god isn’t just horribly manipulative, isn’t even sadder than the poverty they are living in. Carissa and her white girlfriends should be ashamed of themselves.

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