Month: June 2012

So You Wanna Hoop at Music Festivals

[ columnist Lara Eastburn reminds us what hooping at music festivals is all about.] by Lara Eastburn Music Festival season is upon us, my friends. And my guess is that there will be more hoopers on-site than ever before (YES!).…

Hanakekua Kekaulike

Hanakekua Kekaulike, co-founder of The Healing Circle, is spinning with her hoop in a photoshoot at the beach in Arcata, California, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography. A Photo of the Day.

Making Your Own Hula Hoop Chandelier

Got an old hoop laying around you’re not going to be doing anything with or one that you cut wrong that wasn’t the right size? Why not reuse, recycle and repurpose it and turn it into something useful – like…

Hooping Tutorials: The Foot Carry

Angie Gracie is here to teach us “The Foot Carry” which involves carrying the hoop around your body using your foot and then catching it with your hand after it has traveled 270 degrees around you.

HoopCharmer: Desert Dreams

HoopCharmer, aka Jennifer Quest, dreams watery hoop dreams in Joshua Tree National Park. Video by Jonny Quest. They live in San Diego, California, USA. Soundtrack: “More Than Anything” by Desert Dwellers (on iTunes). A Video of the Day.

Jodi Jainchill

Jodi Jainchill of Hoop and Health is hooping at the Grand Canyon with a breathtaking view behind her. She lives in Miami, Florida, USA. Photo by Christopher James Drouillard. A Photo of the Day.

Joshua Oates: Primadonna Versions

Joshua Oates brings us an experiment in multiple self-recordings of hoop dance: “I record myself hooping and dancing all the time, and it’s interesting to see how when I dance to the same song over and over, how my body,…