The Hooping Life Spins Denver

The Hooping Life in Denver

The Hooping Life in Denver

Sara Janssen of The Happy Hoop shares her Hooping Life experience. She writes, “When I first started hooping, there were whispers that a hooping documentary called The Hooping Life was being made… the first of it’s kind. Two years later, I finally had the pleasure of seeing it in Denver! It was the perfect start for my journey back to hooping after giving birth to little Emma 2 weeks ago.” congratulates Sara on the new baby. What did Sara think of the film? “The actual documentary was very well done with years of research and interviews included. We laughed and hollered, but also saw that hooping has truly CHANGED LIVES forever. From the inner city hoop programs to coming out of depression, we were all reminded of the power of the hoop.” The Hooping Life is screening in Milton Keynes, UK and Houston, Texas, USA this weekend so check it out. As for the Denver screening, there were many live performances at the event as well and Sara captured a few of them on video including GroovinMeGzz of The Hooping Body, Nick Guzzardo and Kit of the NicKitteam, and Danielle Odette of The Spin Summit with Kanyon Walker. Sara says, “Excuse the shaky camera! Emma woke up right at they were starting!” Check them out below:



One thought on “The Hooping Life Spins Denver

  1. abby8036
    May 17, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Awesome hooping GroovinMeGzz!!!
    Denver is your new home! May you find hoop bliss as you did in Portland!

    Love you!

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