Hooping Idol Slow Jam Farewells and Performance Week

Hooping Idol Performance Week Welcome back to Hooping Idol. I’m Philo Hagen and I’m your host on this ever spinning journey in our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star! The results from Slow Jams Week are in the video above. And what’s next for the seven finalists that will be continuing on? Let us tell you about it.

We’ve come to that point in the Hooping Idol competition known as Performance Week. The challenge: perform in front of real live human beings, not just in front of a video camera. Over the course of Hooping Idol our judges have been helping each of our finalists fine tune their hooping and performance skills and the time has arrived to put them to the test. The first part of the challenge this week is for each our of finalists to find an audience or bring one together. You can assemble your own or perform at a community event or gathering taking place in your area, just as long as there is a minimum of ten people on hand to enjoy the show. And this week we want to see an unedited video of your performance, posted with a camera view perspective of an audience member so that what takes place in the video can be seen just as if we (ie: the camera) were there with everyone else witnessing it first hand.

Performing can be more complicated than people think and to help facilitate that reality, we are going to be giving our finalists some additional directives. It’s not at all uncommon to have to wear something specific for a performance. Sometimes the directive comes from ourselves, like wanting an outfit that works with that Middle Eastern song you are going to use. Other times it comes from the party that hired you wanting you to work a theme, or the colors of a party or wedding, or perhaps the promoter who put the show together wants all the performers in something to unify all of the pieces – like clothing, for example. So given that performers don’t always have control over what they’re going to wear, let’s pretend you’re performing at a benefit for a non-profit promoting green living who wants all the performers to wear green in solidarity – including you. Your outfit need not be monochromatic – just make sure you’re wearing something green.

Performers often, as well, do not have control over their music. Hoopers are often hired because event planners want that certain something extra to happen to take that music performance to the next level. Hoop dancers and performers often need to get in synch with whatever that music is and make it work. We might prefer performances where we supply our own soundtrack and someone hits play and we do our own thing, but the reality is it doesn’t always work that way. Just ask Hoopsie Daisy, Hooping.org’s Assistant Editor who has performed with practically every big name DJ on the planet. Whatever is spinning when it’s time for you to go on has got to be your hooping inspiration. As Tim Gunn would say, you gotta “Make it Work!”. So our finalists are being given a performance soundtrack for them to use and all seven will be performing to the same song. How they choose to honor and interpret the music with their hoop performance is entirely up to them. Our finalists will post their Performance Week submissions to YouTube and Vimeo with the following title: Hooping Idol 2 Performance Week on Hooping.org. Videos must be posted no later than 11:59pm PST on Sunday, May 13th. In the meantime, on behalf of hoopers everywhere we sincerely applaud each and every one of our Hooping Idol finalists for their incredible contributions this week and we wish all of you the very best of luck.

17 thoughts on “Hooping Idol Slow Jam Farewells and Performance Week

  1. I’m so glad that I got to be a part of hooping idol! I think I’m going to continue putting more videos out there and improving as a performer and a hooper and try to be the best I can be. The comments from the judges have really helped me and I’m going to take them into consideration every time I go out to practise! Thank you!

    x Harlow

    1. Please do keep posting videos – you were one of my favourites and I want to see more of what you can do! You’ve got great moves and personality and I can’t believe more people didn’t vote for you (I also feel guilty because I missed the voting deadline).

    2. Sad to see you go Harlow ! I voted for ya, as you were one of my favorites here ! I loved your spirit and themes and the idea’s you put into the videos, as well as your amazing hoop skills

    3. noooooo!!!!! I’m SHOCKED to see you go! such graceful hooping on the sand and in the wind! such unique moves! and to choose dust in the wind in response to the earthquakes! POWERFUL!! How you got eliminated i will never know! You are my hooping idol!

    4. Harlow, I was really bummed to see you out of it…you have definitely been one of my faves and you had my vote every week! Good luck with everything and keep doing your thing and sharing it with us! You have such amazing flow.


    5. All I got to say is…. wtf people who didn’t vote for Harlow.
      Not only was your’ video one of the best this week but all of them have been particularly awesome.. Keep it up and DEFINITELY post more videos still!

  2. Just to Clarify, ALL those on this show are amazing and you are all doing wonderful jobs, there are just a few in particular that I have favoured, as their styles are much like mine ! Keep up the good work and it gives me something to strive for !

  3. Shannon, your story moved me so much and really encouraged me to not give up … to keep reaching… for my hoop. Seriously you have helped me so much in my hooping experience to not give up, just keep picking up the hoop off the floor and keep trying. I am grateful for you.

    1. Thank you! It really just takes picking up that hoop again! I honestly don’t know how I kept working at this. I look back at the dark times and I don’t understand what possessed me to keep going. My husband calls everything a fad when I start doing something.

      Keep going! You can do this!

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