Hooping Idol Hannah Flett: Inside The Hoop

Hannah Flett
Hannah Flett
[Hooping.org’s Editor Philo Hagen interviews our new Hooping Idol.]

by Philo Hagen

Last night, in a suspense filled Hooping Idol 2 Grand Finale Results Show, we finally revealed the winner of season two of Hooping Idol. A little over a month and a half ago while watching sixty Casting Week video submissions I had the pleasure of clicking play on a video and was introduced to Hannah Flett, who also goes by the name Green Fairy Hoops. By the time it was over I found myself thinking, “Y’know, I think she’s got something.” Comparing notes with the others they agreed as well and we included her in the mix for Hooping Idol 2, only to have her wind up surprising all of us each and every week as she grew by leaps and bounds while revealing hidden talents we didn’t even know she had in her hooping aresenal. Yes, our new Hooping Idol Hannah Flett has proven herself to not only be quite the contender, but a bit of an enigma as well, so with her new found victory fresh on her mind we knew it was time to get the full story. You’re all invited to join me for a very special interview with our incomparable and amazing Hooping Idol, Hannah Flett!

Philo: OMG, you just won Hooping Idol! Congratulations! How does it feel?

Hannah: Amazing!! It’s still setting in, I really wasn’t expecting it! Everyone made such good finale videos and all the videos were getting better every week so I was over the moon just to get to the finale.

Philo: What was it like for you being in the competition from the very beginning to the very end?

Hannah: Stressful! I’ve had so much on with work and college too, so it was hard to find time to make the videos in just a few days and come up with something fresh each time. I have loved it so much though. I never would have made all these videos otherwise and I have learned so much about making videos, performing and dealing with the dreaded camera!

Philo: So what made you decide to enter this year?

Hannah: My friend Andie Painter entered last year and it was great following her progression and when I saw it this year I kinda jumped at the chance. It was the perfect way for me to let people see what I do as I get quite shy and find it hard to put myself out there, but once I had sent off my casting video there was no turning back.

Philo: It seemed like you really took to heart what the judges had to say and just kept improving every week. What was the judging experience like for you?

Hannah Flett Hannah: It was really helpful to see the comments from last year because it meant I knew what was coming. Sometimes I didn’t agree or wanted a chance to explain why I had done a particular thing. Also getting conflicting comments was a bit confusing, but I tried to think in advance what they might say and look at the good and bad in all my videos before seeing the judges comments. It was so helpful though, I know I have a natural grumpy looking face but I didn’t think it would show through so much in my videos, I was having a great time, honest!

Philo: LOL, right? I have to be careful about the same thing. Do you have any thoughts or comments for your fellow Idol finalists?

Hannah: You’re all amazing! An honour to be in the final with you all. Laura, your hooping is so well presented and your moves are great, especially when you throw it in the air and it rolls on your arm, skills! Lila, I loved you after seeing your circus video, so amazing, and I love your giant lollipop! Chad your hooping makes my head go funny. I have no idea how you do any of your tricks, such a unique hooper, just incredible!

Philo: When did you start hooping and how did it happen?

Hannah: About 3 or 4 years ago I was at a festival, like most people HA, and a friend of mine was playing with a hoop and I thought it looked fun so I had a go. It was hard at first, but once I got it I was just hooked. My mum bought me a hoop for my next birthday! So it has been quite a journey so far, really excited to see what happens next.

Philo: What’s your current hooping life like? Do you perform? Teach? Sell hoops? Go to or host a local hoop jam?

Hannah: I perform on my own a bit and with a local dub reggae band, which is very much fun. I’m a certified instructor, but have struggled with classes. Hooping hasn’t really hit Exeter yet, so no one really understands what I’m doing, but hopefully it will get better now that I’m a Hooping Idol – Heee! My hooping life is usually me in my room getting a bit excited and flinging my hoops about and breaking things.

Philo: Has hooping changed your life?

Hannah: Soooo much! When I’m happy I hoop, when I’m sad I hoop, when I’m frustrated, when I’m bored, when I’m excited I hoop!! Its just so good for me and well, everyone in so many ways. I love being in my hoop bubble / safety hoop.

Philo: What advice would you have for someone just picking up a hoop for the very first time?

Hannah: Initial advice would be – put 10 times more effort in than you think you need to! And then keep going, keep going for ever and ever. Everyone can hoop, and everyone has different aspects of hooping that come naturally to them and aspects that are a real struggle, but they are the moves that feel so good when you finally manage it.

Philo: Any closing comments?

Hannah: Just thank you so much for putting on this competition. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and everyone else. The support from my friends has been amazing.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003.

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  1. Hannah, we are so glad you won, and so impressed to see how you have come on week by week. Your love of what you do, and your desire to share the joy you have found, shines through in your hooping and in this interview. Here’s to a fantastic year of hooping and fun. lots of love to you.. Moons. xx

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