Hooping Idol 2: The Grand Finale

Hooping Idol Finale It’s time for the finale of Hooping Idol 2, but before we get to that we want to introduce you to our special guest judge for the final showdown and tell you all about the Hooping Idol 2 Ultimate Prize Pack that one of our four finalists will be spinning away with.

Hooping Idol 2, Hooping.org’s revolutionary contest that has been leading us all on an ever spinning journey in our search for the planet’s next big hooper star, started off by introducing our 20 selected finalists for Season Two. They all put on the polyester for Hooping Idol Disco Week and then we said Disco Farewells to 4 and announced Circus Week. Our 16 remaining finalists spun things up under the Big Top for a record breaking Hooping Idol Circus Week before 6 were eliminated and we introduced Slow Jams Week. Then, our Top Ten slowed things down with some soft rock songs and slow jams for Slow Jams Week before 3 more were eliminated and Performance Week was announced. Last week our Super Seven Performed and three more were eliminated, bringing us to the final four who are (in alphabetical order) Chad Forsberg of Boulder, Colorado, USA, Hannah Flett of Exeter, England, UK, Laura Orcutt of Hopkintown, Rhode Island, USA, and Lila-Chupa Hoops of Paris, France. Which one will be our new Hooping Idol? We can’t wait to find out.

Nick Broyd
Hello, I'm Nick Broyd
But first, joining our four distinguished judges for the grand finale as a special guest judge this week is none other than Nick Broyd, the Hooping Idol himself! What has Nick been up to since winning Hooping Idol last year? Check out our recent interview. As for the final four he said, “Good luck to all of you. And to the winner – have an amazing year!!” Nick is joining Anah Reichenbach of Hoop Revolution, Rich Porter of Isopop, Canadian hooping legend Babz Robinson of Wild Girl Hoops, and the amazing Marawa The Amazing of MarawaTheAmazing.com in the UK at our judge’s table and we are looking forward to hearing from each and every one of them.

Hooping Idol 2 Prizes

We’d also like to thank once again all of our Hooping Idol 2 Ultimate Prize Pack sponsors. This year our prizes included a rockin’ registration to one of Hoop Revolution’s three upcoming trainings for 2012 (scheduled to be held in Arlington, Texas, New York and San Francisco) to learn even more from the Mother of Hoop Dance herself – Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach (a $600 Value) – plus they’re getting a pair of Hoop Revolution HoopBooty™ pants (a $100.00 Value). Hooping.org wants to really support our new Hooping Idol in being able to take things to the next level as well, so we’re giving them three months of site-wide graphic advertising (a $600 value). And our winner will be looking like a Hooping Idol with their brand new Helix Hoop from Proton Labs featuring 256 visual patterns, the most visual patterns included with any hoop (a $350 value). And they’ll be setting the world on fire with a new five-wick fire hoop from Harmonic Hoops and a Pocket/8-piece Collapsible Travel Hoop in the design of their choice from Troo Hoops (a $70 value). Not enough hoops yet? We didn’t think so. Our winner is also scoring a pair of color polypro twin hoops from Superhooper.org (a $60 value) and a $75 gift certificate to the HoopSupplies.com store. But wait, there’s more. They’re also getting a 2013 Dudes of Hooping Calendar (a $28 value), a dazzling Marawa The Amazing glitter hoop (a $25 value) and a one-of-a-kind super special Babz Robinson Sock Monster (priceless). When we said Ultimate Prize Package, we weren’t kidding and our prize package this year is worth over $2,000! For our second place finisher, they’ll be getting a pair of color polypro twins from Superhooper.org, a $30 gift certificate to the HoopSupplies.com store, an off-body fire hoop from Harmonic Hoops and an iTunes gift card. Our third place finisher will also be getting a pair of color polypro twin hoops from Superhooper.org and a $20 gift certificate to the HoopSupplies.com store. Hooping.org would like to thank all of our prize sponsors for their generosity and support of Hooping Idol. Thank you all.

And now, it’s time for our final four Hooping Idol finalists to present their videos for Finale Week and our judges to share their thoughts and comments one last time. So without any further ado, in a randomly generated order, Hooping.org proudly presents the Hooping Idol 2 Grand Finale!

1. MARGAUX / LILA CHUPA-HOOPS of Paris, France. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Wowzers Lila! All that and with a broken back… ouch! I loved your attitude, super cute! And your outfits are top notch! The video was a little long for me, but you worked it regardless. Your hooping was clean and spunky! I can’t believe you have only been hooping for a year and a half. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

Rich: The video is very good, one of the better one’s we’ve seen in the competition, but standing next to the other submissions this week it’s not my favorite. The canned aspect holds your audience at a distance and keeps us from rooting for you. It requires more skill to be able to pull that off. By making this feel like a performance, I needed more. And after all these weeks… hand held camera? Okay, so the good stuff. I dig the outfit and you have a lot of great moves and some nice shots.

Nick: Lila, thank you so much for getting this video out there. I know you had some difficulties this week, and having been through the process, I know how frustrating and tiring it can be when you have extra barriers to overcome. For me, you offer the most diverse video in the finale, encompassing multi-disciplines of the hoop, which is so great to see. Thanks for bringing minis and poi hooping to the fray. It helps your video stand out. I really like that you don’t repeat tricks in your video, which kept me engaged throughout and your moves are really well executed. I guess I would like to see you move around a little more rather than hold the static pose so much, but this is a personal perspective and I dig that you keep to your style. Awesome work my friend!

Babz: Thats it Lila! I’m coming to Paris to raid your wardrobe!!! You have bar-none thee best hooping outfits I’ve ever seen! I think you must be channeling some Marawa with those adorable facial expressions you’ve got going on! So cute! I think you’ve got to be the best performer this competition has. You have amazingly clean hooping and such a beautiful presentation that’s so professional. But something still leaves me wanting to see more “raw” Lila.

Marawa: Ah it was so nice to see some of you actually performing! I have seen your chupa chump act on YouTube before – so cute! This was another great outfit and set of skills and it has been so lovely seeing all the great costumes and routines that you have come up with over the competition. I feel like you have really shown people what is possible in terms of making things look more eye catching, bright and ‘showy!’ – which is my favourite type of performance always! Thank you for all the effort and time you took to really make something that fit each theme and also looked so good! Hope to see you in Paris soon!


2. HANNAH FLETT of Exeter, England, UK. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Hannah, you are such a light sparkly hooper! I loved the locations and your energy was really engaging throughout. I loved that you were singing along and clearly having a great time. I really appreciate your dance flavor and how much joy you exude! One technical note; for your shoulder angles, if you use your feet and legs to get the up-and-down motion, you will be able to still your shoulders and have more choice with how you dance during your shoulder angles.

Rich: You all are knocking it out of the park this week. This video is gorgeous. I was smiling through the whole video. It opened a little serious for me, but in the context of the track it works. I loved when you sang with the music! Yay! I wonder what you’re shooting with because your footage is stunning. Very well done.

Nick: Wow, Hannah – way to represent the UK and what an amazing song choice! This is a first class video. You are a natural performer, so engaged musically with what is happening. The cheeky glance at the camera just before the song kicks was magic. The speed changes and pauses show great awareness of the camera and you’ve got great settings and costumes – plus you really look like you enjoy it the whole way through. The moves you tackle make you look really slick, so perhaps you could push yourself with some slightly more complicated tricks, but that’s not to take the shine off the video or from the execution of your moves. After watching this I really feel you could be the one to beat.

Babz: Oh Hannah, I know we’ve never met, but I just want to crawl through my computer and give you a giant sqeeeeze!!! You and your hooping melt my cold little heart! I’m so glad that the song you chose was so passionate and matched your hooping sooo well. Love the way you find creative ways to accent the music like at 2:55. I think the only thing I’d like to see you work on is a little more repertoire so you can have a larger vocabulary to speak to us with. I just found myself smiling the whole time and your joy at the end of the video literally brought tears to my eyes.

Marawa: I just went back and watched your audition video. Talk about PROGRESS!!! Lordy – that video was just amazing. You totally made my day! This is a real journey you have been on and you have totally stepped up each time. CONGRATULATIONS!! WELL DONE!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it is crazy to look back at the start and see how far you have come! I don’t need to comment on your outfits, composition, face time – it was all there!! So good! You should be really super proud of what you have achieved here. SUPER STAR!!


3. LAURA ORCUTT of Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Laura, I love your energy in this video and the song is spunky and fun! I so wish you had someone to help you film because some camera movement would really have helped you keep things fresh. I love your movement, but I feel like you were just almost in the song, not totally in it. If you reflected to breakdowns more through your hooping and really stayed on beat, it would add dynamics and keep things interesting. That being said, your hooping is fantastic!

Rich: Bad ass. I’ve liked all of your videos, but this week I love your video. You show us your personality and you seal it with more sick moves than we’ve seen from you in the whole competition. You pulled out all the stops and you did it in flow. All that and the video looked good too. I am very impressed. I was smiling through the whole vid and bobbing my head with enthusiasm watching you dance. This is my favorite video of the week.

Nick: Hey Laura – great job dancing on sand that thick, bet you felt that after! Another great video from you too. Your engagement with the camera is excellent, as are your transitions and lines. You’re musicality is top notch too, you are really engaged with what you dance to. Love the floor work half way through, you move in and out of it perfectly. Also, you hit some really difficult tricks, the roll to foot catch back to body is dynamite. Just take care with the shoulder duck outs – if they don’t work they can look a little messy, but most hoopers are guilty of this and I wouldn’t want to discourage you from doing them, so this is a minor criticism in an otherwise fantastic video. Great job!

Babz: My god you have some of the most beautifully pointed feet! I think Anah mentioned it last week, but it is so nice to see when you kick those legs high! Next you need to work on making those feet look as gorgeous throughout your other moves. I adored the shot where the camera was pointed up at your face and we got to see how elated you were to be out in the sun in your hoop. I’ve really got to teach myself that awesome back roll foot catch you do! But I think it must be said that my favorite part was at 1:46, where you’ve improved your chest roll to make it something Beautiful! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Marawa: Oh the sun! Send me some please!! This was a really happy video. I really loved the dog jumping in and out of shot – the knees in the sand routines were great! You are so strong! A really lovely video full of so much energy I feel like I am getting vitamin D by watching this. A great track and a whole bunch of great skills, you come across as someone who really LOVES hooping and this is really sweet to watch. Thanks for all your work and effort the last few weeks – so great to see each week! SUNSHINE YAY!!


4. CHAD FORSBERG of Boulder, Colorado, USA. If for some reason this video isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Wow Chad!!! Thank you for rocking my world! Even though you were still in parks and parking lots and wearing sandals, heehee! The creative angles and shots really added a lot to your dance and I absolutely LOVED you hooping in the rain. My favorite moment was when you did a jump and the water splashed up right on beat – couldn’t have been more perfect. I could really feel your heart in this video and clearly you love the song. I am smiling ear to ear!

Rich: Awesome video. I loved the personalized intro. Big points on innovative movement. The video is nicely shot, the music works. This is the best video we’ve seen from you yet.

Nick: Wow – I thought it only rained that much in the UK! Chad – you have some sick moves. I really like the twisty, foldy stuff you are doing and the LED hoop rolls beautifully around your body with them. It really looks like you’ve paid attention to the judges’ comments from previous weeks. Multi-shot, edited, it’s a really tight video, plus you engage with the camera more than other weeks. At times, it would be nice to see you slow it down a little, so that I don’t feel I’ve watched the same combination too many times, but that’s easier said than done when you want to flow from trick to trick. Overall though mate – it’s a cracking job and, for me, you’ve been the most innovative hooper throughout the competition.

Babz: By far your best video yet Chad! I wish you started making videos like this earlier! So nice to see you getting creative with your filming and I’m pretty sure that I saw some moves in this one that I hadn’t seen in your other videos. The GoPro camera shot was a great addition, but I would have liked to see you keep it a bit shorter – I started to feel dizzy near the end of it. Your smile is continually radiant and your hooping is incredible as always. I’m a little worried that Marawa is going to have your head for those sandals!

Marawa: The rain! I loved that – you definitely have some insane skills as each of your videos have showcased and this one is no exception. Thank you for all your work these last few weeks – you have brought a very high skill level to the competition – and so nice to have a boy, sorry MAN, hooping of course. I think you would be surprised at how inspiring your videos will be to many a young hooper out there, girls and boys. I’m sorry I teased you about your sandals. Your amazing tricks definitely make up for your footwear… HAHA, And I really loved your choice of music each week – so good! Thanks Chad!!

There you have it, your Hooping Idol 2 finalists and their Finale Week video submissions. The time has come to cast your vote. Please remember that you can only vote once and only once for the finalist you think most deserves to be our new Hooping Idol. To ensure ultimate fairness in the final vote this week, all votes are being tracked by IP address and each IP address may only vote once. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates for those who might share a computer, but we’re just trying to be fair so thanks for understanding. Are you ready to vote? Then Let’s Vote!

SORRY, VOTING HAS OFFICIALLY CLOSED: Voting closed at 6:00pm PST on 5/23/12.

UPDATE. Find out who won in the Hooping Idol 2: The Grand Finale Results Show.

Your Hooping Idol 2 Finale ballots are being accepted for the next 24 hours only and voting will close on Wednesday, May 23rd at 6:00 pm PST. Only one of our finalists will be winning our Hooping Idol 2 Ultimate Prize Package and will be award the title of Hooping Idol. Stay tuned for the voting results from the finale here on Hooping.org along. Thank you all for being a part of Hooping Idol and we hope you’ve all enjoyed season two.

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  1. It was sooo hard to pick just one! I agree with what the judges said–that it was obvious how much you all have grown as hoopers. I enjoyed watching the process unfold. Good luck to everyone!

  2. Gosh Chad – You had me jumping and twisting in my seat while I watched your video! VERY COOL putting a camera on your hoop? Your great and we (all my friends that are counting on you too) wish you all the success and a glorious WIN in this contest! Love you! Mags!

    1. Clear your cache, refresh the page and try again. Or perhaps someone already voted on your computer or IP address? The finale, because it is over $2,000 in prizes, is set up differently so it’s one vote per IP address to try and keep things as fair as possible. Thanks for understanding.

        1. Siren, the same thing happened to me, and I am the only one on my computer as well. I cleared cache and even downloaded a different browser, but it won’t let me vote. I had viewed the page on my phone first then came on the computer to watch the videos and vote. It didn’t even give me a chance.. just said “you have already submitted the form” by the time I scrolled to that section. 🙁

          1. I had viewed the page first too – I watched two vids, then had to do some other things (closed browser), came back & watched the other two & tried to vote & it wouldn’t let me =(

          2. 1) Either you’re on a shared IP address network and someone on your network voted and you don’t know that, or 2) Your browser has a page cached that it shouldn’t – and here’s how that happens. WordPress uses a cacheing system called “Super Cache” which does a few things so that when you go to a high traffic page it can load it really fast. Super Cache copies the page everybody wants to see and saves a copy of it so that when someone new visits the page they don’t have to download the whole page and all the photos and videos which causes extra wear on the server. Super Cache serves the visitor the copied page all at once super fast. It’s a good thing and WordPress deletes it’s own cache every few minutes, BUT it is possible that when you came to the Finale Page that WordPress may have served you a copy of the page after someone had already voted. So it copied a page with the message “You’ve already submitted that form” on it because when it was copying the page for a later visitor it did’t know that the post-voted page from the pre-voted one. All it knows is it had the same url you wanted to see so that’s what it’s giving to you. So 1) If you’re logged into Hooping.org log out. 2) Delete your cache from your web browser. If you don’t know how to do that then google the name of your web browser along with “delete cache” and follow the instructions. 3) Refresh your page and/or reload your browser. You don’t really need to do number three, but just to play it safe, why not. That should take care of the problem. Hooping.org really isn’t the most high tech place on the web so apologies if you’ve experienced this issue and for any frustration it may have caused – it’s obviously rare and thanks for your understanding. 🙂

          3. Ya, I dunno what’s going on. I give up, lol, and will just have to send some positive vibes that the person I want to vote for wins. I have cleared cache multiple times, refreshed, exited, logged in or out, downloaded multiple browsers, still getting the same message. So if for some reason they ARE going through but giving me the wrong page after, and you see a bunch of votes from my same IP address, I swear I’m not trying to cheat! haha.

  3. The same thing just happened to me. I got the “You’ve already submitted that form” notice after voting. There’s no one else here to use the computer, so not sure if I should try again?

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