Hooping Idol 2: Performance Farewells and Finale Announcement

Hooping Idol Finale Which four of our finalists will be on their way to our Hooping Idol 2 Grand Finale and which three will be going home? The results of the Performance Week public vote are revealed in the video above. And what is in store for those that will be continuing on? They have one last video to make and this one is entirely up to them. After all, if they are going for a shot at winning the Hooping Idol 2 Ultimate Prize Package, they should be doing so on their own creativity and talent without any theme or restraint. Our panel of judges will be keeping an eye out to see how their previous weeks here on Hooping Idol will play into the final round when Hooping Idol 2’s Finale Week brings it all together. The hooper that delivers the total package during this final stage in our search for the next great hooper star will not only score themselves some serious prizes, they will also become our new Hooping Idol.

The final four will have until Sunday, May 20th, at 11:59 PST to complete their videos and they will be receiving specific posting instructions. Until then, we couldn’t be more proud of all of our contestants. Thanks for tuning in to the Hooping Idol Performance Week Results Show and we’ll see you next time, if not sooner, at the Hooping Idol 2 Grand Finale.

2 thoughts on “Hooping Idol 2: Performance Farewells and Finale Announcement

  1. Thank you so much, Contestants! I’ve grown to love you all. I’m sad to see this Hooping Idol coming to an end because I just love watching your videos on a Monday morning. So many cool, creative people! I’ll be watching for you in the future!

  2. So sad to go home this close to the end but Im proud I was able to make it this far! Thank you all SO MUCH to everyone that has been voting for me!! I will definitely continue to make videos! <3


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