Hooping Idol 2 Circus Farewells and Slow Jams

Hooping Idol Slows Down The results of Hooping Idol 2: Circus Week are in the video above. Hooping.org congratulates all of our Hooping Idol finalists that are moving forward and we have nothing but love for those that we must leave behind as we pack up our circus tent and continue onward and upward in our pursuit of finding the next great hooper star. Thank you for your outstanding participation in Hooping Idol. We adore you all.

What’s next for our Top Ten Hooping Idol finalists? We think it’s time to slow things down a little, don’t you? After all, a recent discussion of what our would be Idols might very well need the most right now ended up all coming down to intimacy. And sure, we all have intimacy issues, who doesn’t? But in this arena we need to sideline them or use them to our advantage in our attempt to really connect with the audience. We’ve been on a couple of dates. We’ve hung out on the playground together a couple times. At this point we know you’ve got skills. We know you know how to throw it down, but can we take some time out to slow things? Can we take things, y’know, softer?

Ultimately the viewing audience really wants to see you. They want to connect with you. They want to know you. They want to not only watch you send up some delicious hooping and pull off something awesome, they want to feel awesome about you doing it. In the modern age of hooping and online tutorials it’s become a lot less difficult to learn technique, but being Hooping Idol requires more than that. It requires you, your personality, your own personality hoopster fingerprint. And in order for you to find the magic place of which we speak we suggest moving in a little closer and setting your radio dial to the soft rock or slow jams station. After all, soft rock songs and slow jams are really all about intimacy, or feeling the lack thereof in life. They’re songs about love and romance, heartache and loneliness. They’re songs about feelings and to take things to the next level we want to share yours – and for you to channel those emotions into your hooping and into your video. We all want to feel something and in order for us to feel it, you’re going to have to be feeling it first.

For Slow Jams week Hooping Idol is going soft and warm like the quiet storm. We’re saying that it’s time to focus on beauty. We think it’s a great time to showcase grace and flow. And at this point in the competition it’s the perfect time to let us all in closer so that we want to ride along with you on your hoop path to the very end. The only limit for this challenge is your imagination. Bring it.

First you’ll need to claim your soft rock or slow jam favorite via email at hoopingidol@gmail.com. Pick a song that is under five minutes in length and if the song is already claimed by another hooper, you will be notified to choose another track. Then you’ll create your next Hooping Idol video inspired by our theme for the week. While you’re still welcome to use slow motion if you wish, high speed clips are no longer allowed now that you’re in the finals. Post your video on YouTube and Vimeo on or before Sunday, May 6th, at 11:59pm PST. Please be aware that videos take time to upload and post so don’t wait til the last minute. Title your video in both locations as – Hooping Idol Slowjams Week on Hooping.org – and copy your video link urls and email them to hoopingidol@gmail.com. That’s it. And please, have fun with this. Whatever you do, just remember to make it count because at the end of Slow Jams Week, three Hooping Idol finalists will be heading home. Happy Hooping everybody!

5 thoughts on “Hooping Idol 2 Circus Farewells and Slow Jams

  1. Hooping Idol was an amazing experience. It was great to get so much direct feedback on my videos and to get involved with the hooping community. Thanks all and best of luck to the finalists going through to slow jams.

  2. Thank you for the challenges, the words of wisdom, the honest critiques, the fun experience, and the chance to be apart of this & the chance to get to know other hoopers from all over the globe. 🙂 Much love to all & good luck to the remaining 10 finalists.

    I’m thinking of making a video including bloopers, deleted scenes & commentary from my Circus Week footage. Anybody interested in seeing that? Hehe…

  3. Thanks to everyone that voted for me. I was honored to be included in Hooping idol. I feel especially lucky to have been given a second chance. My goal was to entertain, be visually stimulating, and make it further than last year. While I didn’t meet my goal to stay longer, and I could’ve done better on my disco video. I was really happy with my circus week entry. It was the best I could’ve done and I have no regrets. Last year when I was eliminated, I regretted the lighting, costume choice, and length of my video. I am glad that I can walk away this year feeling more satisfied with my performance. Thanks again to any fans I might have out there. If you keep watching I promise to keep practicing and making videos.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone who has been following me on this journey and voting for me! (((♥))) I cannot describe how awesome it feels to have such great support!

    To those not moving on in the competition, to me, you are all beautiful and inspiring people who are admired by many for your confidence and motivation to follow you’re dreams. I wish we could all win and in a way I think we all already have.

    This has been such an exhilarating experience and no matter how much further I make it, it has already made a huge impact not only on my hoop dance but on me as an individual.
    Much love <3

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