Lisa Odjig Makes Canada’s Got Talent Top 10

Lisa Odjig

Lisa Odjig

Lisa Odjig hoop danced with 17 hoops in the Top 10 Finals on Canada’s Got Talent. The two-time world champion hoop dancer who is also the first woman to ever win the renowned title in the male and female combined adult division often gives dance seminars to Aboriginal children all across Canada. “The hoops create symbols and designs of natures, such as plants, trees, animals and birds. It shows our connection with each other, the earth and all living creatures,” she told On the show this week Lisa had 17 hoops on the go, using just about every part of her body, including her mouth. It was more hoops than she had used in her audition, but The Toronto Star felt the focus was diluted by having her surrounded by drummers and dancers this time around. Debra Yeo writes, “Whereas people leapt to their feet for Lisa at her audition, they stayed seated Sunday night.” Judge Martin Short said, “I’m not convinced this will make it to the very end because it was very similar to what I saw before. Moccio agreed the act probably wouldn’t win the competition, although he thanked Lisa for educating him about this aspect of native culture. Brueggergosman called the act “visually stunning” though and said it gave her goosebumps, but in the end Odjig did not move forward.



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