Hooping Tutorials: Anti-Spin Flowers and Linear Isolations

We recently had Katie Emmitt of KatieEmmitt.com teaching us the Yo Yo Bouncing Cat Eye Isolation. Today she continues with more techniques for hooping off body starting with the Anti-Spin Flower. She explains, “I realize that I emphasize the triangle, but really try squares, diamonds, pentagrams, hexagons, you know whatever! I like squares, diamonds and triangles the best.” From here we then move into part 2 and part 3 below where she instructs us on linear isolations and extended linear isolations. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

4 thoughts on “Hooping Tutorials: Anti-Spin Flowers and Linear Isolations

  1. oh my gosh someone who finally explained it so i can understand it. ive been trying to learn this for a year! i think i finally got it. thank you so much!

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