Hooping Idol 2 Welcomes Rich Porter

Rich Porter

Rich Porter

Hooping Idol 2 officially got underway yesterday and we’ve introduced you to one of the judges for this year and now it’s time to introduce you to another. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a great big Hooping Idol welcome to Rich Porter! Our first male judge at the table, Rich is an established innovator in the ever-evolving genre of hoopdance. With a degree in architecture from the acclaimed program at Calpoly, Rich is known for his original approach to plotting the hoop’s path through space, sometimes creating graphic “blueprints” that map the hoop’s trajectory. His dynamic style encompasses crisp, geometrical movements that punctuate and provide contrast to fluid, high-speed motion. Rich’s research and publishing about hoop tubing popularized polypropylene as an alternative to traditional polyethylene hoops. He explained, “I consider hoops like golf clubs. I like jamming with my big hoop. For off body stuff, I find that I can be more precise with my little guys. That’s just my opinion.” The three time Hoopie Award winner – 2010 Male Hooper of the Year, 2010 Photo of the Year, 2011 Instructor of the Year – Rich has performed and taught workshops in countless cities, gatherings and festivals. With his unique perspective and keen attention to detail, Rich’s Hoop Technique DVD collaboration with Spiral delivered what is quite possibly the most beautiful and moving disc on the market. Living in San Francisco, California, USA, Rich is excited to be on board for Hooping Idol 2 this year and we couldn’t be more excited to have him seated at our judge’s table. And who will be joining Marawa and Rich on our panel for Hooping Idol 2? Stay tuned and you’ll know soon enough.



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