Archeologist Jo Thredgold Gets Roxby Downs Hooping

Jo Thredgold and Tracy Warneke Hooping

Jo Thredgold and Tracy Warneke Hooping

Jo Thredgold gave a great interview to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), telling them it can be a bit of a squeeze hooping inside her small cabin in the Roxby Downs caravan park, but she insisted it was a fun way to wind down after her work out at the Olympic Dam Mine. Wait a minute, she works in a mine? In fact she does, as an archaeologist. When she isn’t working, however, she’s busy getting others in the outback mining community hooked on hooping. “It’s just a bit of a release at the end of the day, it’s something physical to do and I don’t have to think too much, and it’s very different to what I do during the day.” Jo began hooping three years ago after finding a video online. Jo told ABC that today’s hooping is very different than the hula hooping of her childhood. She uses large heavier hoops constructed from garden hosing and hoops all over her body, not just her waist. Often on a Sunday afternoon, Jo takes her hoop to the local community park where she gets others hooked on hooping. Tracy Warneke, a recent recruit, told ABC that most people in the community are supportive, noting, “People are really interested to know what it’s all about, but I must admit my mother thinks it’s a little bit strange.” Listen to the full interview. Jo and Tracy live in Roxby Downs, South Australia, Australia.



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