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Behind the Frontlines of Self-Employment: Time and Money Management

Window [Guest blogger ‘Kinetic Kristen’ shares tips for the self-employed hooper – and those who want to be.]

By ‘Kinetic Kristen’

When I started my new life as a full-time self-employed hoop performer and instructor, I wish someone had taken the time to share a few things with me. I had to figure things out the hard way. Welcome to tales and advice from the frontlines of endeavoring to make hooping your livelihood. Why frontlines? Because sometimes art can be a battlefield. There are the requirements like rehearsals, admin work, hustling for gigs, and then there are the distractions (a new video, costume hunting, uhm -sleep). If no one has clued you in yet, hooping can be an unpredictable vocation. That’s why I’m letting you behind the curtain, to share the tips and tricks of the trade that I’ve picked up along the way and to hopefully share a few laughs together in the process. So regardless if you are simply dippin’ your toes in or splashing around in the deep end of the self-employment pool, here’s a few essential time and money management tips to help you spin your way through the chaos.

Hooping For Hope

Hooping For Hope: Nashville

Forty-two hoopers spun their way past the 12 mile mark of the the Country Music Half Marathon this weekend, raising funds and awareness for Hooping for Hope™ – a nationwide program that provides pink hoops to breast cancer survivors, free of charge. Gifting these hoops, which are available as funds permit and are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis by breast cancer survivors directly, is made possibly thanks to this fundraiser, donations and the support of The hoopers completed 13.1 miles for breast cancer in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. A Photo of the Day from this photo set.

Brian Spence and The Transcendant Hula Hoop

Brian Spence and The Transcendant Hula Hoop may not be hooping or even singing about hooping in this video, but with a name like theirs they are most obviously a band who know the joy of hooping and the power that can be found inside of it. Here they perform “Evangeline” for’s “Last Ramble for Levon, a tribute to Levon Helm who passed recently. They’re from Woodland, California, USA.

Hula Hoop Fitness Class 1966

Hula-Hoop Fitness Class

This Hula Hoop Flashback photograph holds the revelation that the idea of hula hoop fitness isn’t entirely new. A woman leads a hula hoop fitness class in this Los Angeles Times shot, taken back in 1966 in Los Angeles, California. The caption read, “HOOP LA – It takes a lot of bending, rolling to achieve this svelte figure.” Source: Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library and is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.