UVM Hoop Dancing Club Spins It Up

the team What’s the featured club of the week at the University of Vermont? The UVM Hoop Dancing Club, of course. “The club was started five years ago by a student, Mona Qa,” coach Sam Resnicow told The Cynic. Practices for the club team last 90 minutes and the fusion between dancing and hula hooping “creates a unique dynamic that is rarely seen in dance performances. With distinct precision, hoop dancers become alive as they twirl and move almost as a single entity with their hoop. This unique precision creates a vivid performance, one Resnicow himself is well-known for. “There is a competition called Hooping Idol. It is international and completely online, based on weekly video submissions that are themed,” he told the paper. “I participated in that competition last year and placed second in the world.” Why should students join the club? “We’re an incredibly nice group who like to jam out with hoops and incorporate new tricks that are much more than just spinning a hoop around your waist. Knee-hooping, elbow-hooping, head-hooping, multi-hooping, we do it all.” While the UVM hoop team does not participate in any formal performances, the Burlington, Vermont, hoop troop does participate in after-school programs with King Street Youth Program, performs in the Orchesis Showcase and participates with the Catamount Dance Crew.

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