Top Ten List: March 4th – 10th

Top Ten List Hello Hoopers! It’s time to count down our Top Ten postings of the week, as based on reader response. You didn’t have time to stay on top of everything? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So just sit back and relax as we rewind to see what was hot in the hoopersphere. Here’s our Top Ten:

10: At number ten we tune into Rowan TwoSisters on the Radio as she shares the joy of hooping with the listeners of the airwaves.

9: Several hoopers made their way onto Canadian television this week, but it was Augul Memet and Dallas Arcand on Canada’s Got Talent that really inspired so many of us.

8: Lara took a closer look at Hooping and Learning Styles – great information for all of us. How do you learn?

7: Coming in at number seven this week was one of our contest entries that didn’t capture a prize. It did, however, capture all of our enthusiasm: Miss Strange: Movin’ and Groovin’.

6: Who were the winners of our Hoopcamp 2012 Movin and Groovin Video Contest? These three videos rose to the top for our judges.

5: In this corner we have Dizzy. In this corner we have Spilly. And in the ring in Rome we have a world record battle of the ages: Two Americans Battle For Hula Hoop Glory in Italy.

4: Grammy award winning artist Macy Gracy released her new single with herself and a few hooping guests spinning things up in her living room: Macy Gray: Smoke Two Joints.

3: When Sharna Rose Celebrated Her Sixth Hoopiversary, everybody celebrated with her!

2: There are changes coming here at and you were all invited to be a part of it! Join Us In Our Circle

1: And at number one this week, Philo took a closer look at the cost of hoop and celebrated the hoop makers in our community in the process: For The Price of a Hoop

That’s our top ten for this week! And remember, if you see something you appreciate, here or anywhere online, it only takes a second to “Like” it, leave a comment and share the hoop love. You might just be making someone’s day! Our community forums are open, as always, and here’s wishing you a very hoopy weekend.

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