Top Ten List: March 11th – 17th

Top Ten List Hello Hoopers! We spun ourselves out of orbit for a bit, but we’re back -and we’re blaming Mercury Retrograde. Have you been feeling the pull of the planets? We certainly have and it’s been a communication comedy. All that aside, we still want to bring you up to date on what was hot in the hoopersphere during the week with our weekly Top Ten List, highlighting the ten most buzzworthy posts (as based on reader response). So without any further ado, here’s’s Top Ten for the week of March 11th – 17th:

10: At number ten we we have Natasha Kaluza: Super Hero Hooper, who spun her way into the San Francisco Chronicle.

9: When it comes to the basics waist hooping is still hot: Hooping Tutorials: Waist Hooping with Sass.

8: Jelena Mitra took her hooping to new heights – on a mountain top in Norway.

7: loves bringing hoopers together, like Benedicte and Leslie: Oslo Hoop Connection.

6: There’s beach hooping and then there’s sea hooping. Ali Luminescent was Spinning The Waves.

5: A new comic by Gregor Czaykowski proved to be quite popular: Hula-Hoop-a-Thon.

4: This hockey game halftime show made a lot of hoopers happy: Hockey Halftime with Homespun Hoops.

3: A Bay Area media blitz put hooping, The Hooping Life and in the news: Bay Area Abuzz About Hooping and The Hooping Life.

2: Do you know what your element is? Casandra clued us all in and it was awesome: Finding Our Element: Five Energy Hooping.

1: And at number one this week, Philo took a closer look at Hooping and Addiction and discovered there may be more hope and healing in the circle than even he realized.

That’s our top ten for this week! And remember, if you see something you appreciate, here or anywhere online, it only takes a second to “Like” it, leave a comment and share the hoop love. You might just be making someone’s day! Our community forums are open, as always, and here’s wishing you a very hoopy weekend.

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