Top Ten List: February 26th – March 3rd

Top Ten List Guess what? It’s Saturday! Yay! That means it’s the weekend and many of our readers have time to get outside and hoop it up. And that also means it’s time to count down our Top Ten hits of the week, as based on reader response. You really want to stay in the hoop loop and we know you were busy putting the finishing touches on your Hoopcamp 2012 Movin’ and Groovin’ Video Contest submissions (winners announced on Monday). It’s okay, don’t worry. For when you get distracted by a project or life itself, there’s always this week’s Top Ten:

10: At number ten we have a tutorial for a Behind The Back Throw with Merilei. We’ll be working on this one soon ourselves.

9: Digitalis and the Twins, as in her twin LED hoops, spun their way into our top ten list.

8: Video of Jim Hendrickson is rare and given your response we can see that you’re just as excited something new turned up as we were.

7: In a world of professional hula hooping, one man dared to dream of winning the championship. Hoopin’: The Trailer. Hilarious!

6: Nicole Wong and Sarah Starlight had all of our hearts spinning with their latest: The Hoopers’ Playground.

5: Guest blogger Nicole spun inwards, finding power and healing: Centered in the Circle.

4: This new music video literally gave us chills. Seriously! Manic Focus: Circles with Lisa Lottie.

3: Guess what? We don’t all hoop the same. Philo looked into a recent scientific study that discovered subtle kinetic hooping variations in all of us. The Kinetics of Hula Hooping.

2: Bonnie knew the benefits of hooping for herself, but what about kids? She interviewed several hoop professional working with kids and discovered more than she would’ve thought: Getting Our Children Hula Hooping.

1: And at number one this week, Shannon’s column For The Love of Plus Size Hoopers Everywhere inspired countless readers, educating all of us along the way.

That’s our top ten for this week hoopers – and remember, if you see something on the web that you appreciate, here or anywhere, it only takes a second to “Like” it or leave a comment and share the hoop love. You might just make someone’s day! Our community forums are open, as always, and here’s wishing you a very hoopy weekend.

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