Tony Duncan Hoops For Buick Motors

Tony Duncan

Tony Duncan

Five-time World Champion Hoop Dancer and music artist Tony Duncan is the focus of a current Buick campaign that invites viewers to discover different American cities with the locals. In Tony’s case we are paying a visit to Phoenix, Arizona. Duncan’s Arikara name is Yellow Bird Dancing and he and his family perform as the Yellow Bird Indian Dancers at the Heard Museum a couple times a month. His father taught him hoop dancing and how to play the flute and now he’s passing this knowledge on to his children. He explained “The dance group is made up of my mother, my father, my sister and five brothers. We’ve all been dancing since we were young, and now my children and my sister’s children are dancing with us. You dance for your ancestors to make them proud. I dance for those who danced for me.” When he’s not dancing, he likes to hike at Camelback Mountain and Papago Park, a site once inhabited by the ancient Hohokam Indians. He also takes his daughter to Desert Botanical Garden where you can find a wickiup — a Native American house — that was constructed by Duncan’s family. And apparently he likes to get there in his Buick. Watch the video below:



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