Kat Suwalski Hoops For Joy and Fitness

Kat Suwalski and a Friend
Kat Suwalski and a Friend
Hooping is changing the face of fitness and bringing joy in the process – and that’s just what Kat Suwalski of WildKat Hoops is doing in Holliston, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. “It took me about two weeks to get the thing to spin,” she told the Holliston Patch. Refusing to be beaten by a childs toy, however, she stuck with it and was soon hooping it up everywhere. A personal trainer and an opera singer, Kat was used to being on stage, but she never anticipated hooping would become her livelihood. “I can now almost support myself with hooping,” Suwalski said. “My grandmother hoops now. It strengthens the core and works on balance, so I worry less about her falling. It’s also great for kids, particularly those with special needs, as it keeps them in the moment. The reality is if you can sit and get out of bed, you can hoop. The secret is not in spinning your waist, but in rocking back and forth.” The Hoopnotica certified instructor started WildKat Hoops with the help of her friend Madison Ames. “We craft specialized customizable hoops, hold hooping classes for a fabulous cardio workout, host birthday parties and other events. Hooping is great for a cardio workout, joint flexibility and mobility. It is all about physics and object manipulation. You do have to be more intimate with your body as you move the hoop based on which part of you it’s touching.”

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  1. Kat, I can really appreciate your statement about being more intimate about your body. As a physical therapist, I see many patients who are not in tune with their own bodies. It is difficult for them to describe symptoms, differentiate between muscle soreness and pain. They also are very challenged by positioning the pelvis correctly for exercises, arching the upper back instead of tilting the pelvis forward for example. I wonder if hooping would be helpful to bring about greater awareness of body movement for these individuals.

    1. Hooping is a fabulous way to see if people are utilzing their bodies incorrectly. If the hoop is starting to angle, it’s a clear indicator of posture and instabilities in a person. It’s a great tool for so many things from fitness to personal expression. All the best and thanks for the support! Let me know if you have any questions. Kat (wildkathoops@gmail.com)

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