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Five Reasons to Attend a Hoop Gathering in 2012

rocks in a bowl [ columnist Lara Eastburn wants us all to gather together.]

by Lara Eastburn

“This bowl is the community. This rock is you. When you feel supported by the community, put the rock in the bowl.”

These were the instructions I heard on a public radio spot the other day. They were given to a journalist visiting the spiritual retreat where her parents had met years ago. Now, the purpose of this exercise at an isolated hermetic retreat is lost on me, but I’d say that as a metaphor it’s got bigger problems than that. For one, how are you supposed to feel supported by a community before putting yourself in it? And yet, I wonder how many of us think this way, safely pocketing our “rocks” until we get an embossed invite from “community?”

As far as the hooping community goes – local, regional, global, online and in-person – we appear to have an abundance! Our community is made up of almost as many kind of folk as there are in the world. We find ourselves in more and more places every day. We watch and encourage one another through our online forums and videos across cultures and oceans. But each year, with increasing options and locations, we have the added opportunity to convene, collaborate, and commune at a major event tailored exactly to our interests and needs. It’s one of the fastest routes into head-on community involvement that we have. Whether you’ve never been to one, have trouble justifying the expense, or are a bit intimidated by the whole idea, here are my top five reasons for attending a hoop gathering (or starting to plan one in your community) this year!

Brisbane City Council Gets Kids Hooping

Girls Playing With Hula Hoops

In Brisbane, Australia, three of the City Council’s kids recently hooped it up to promote a hula hooping event at the Parkwood Sports Field. The Brisbane City Council is hosting a free hoop decorating and hooping class on Thursday, April 5th. Our hoopers are Avryl Betts (age 6), Annabella Hodges (age 5) and Ionna Melachroinos (age 7). Photo by Tim Marsden, courtesy of The Courier Mail. A Photo of the Day.

The Value of Hooping and Writing Daily: Our Spring 30/30 Challenge is Coming

Sheryl Wilson of Fitnotic

Sheryl Wilson of Fitnotic

In anticipation of our new Spring Renewal 30/30 Challenge kicking off this Sunday, we share a little of Sheryl Wilson’s story from She discovered hooping during her pregnancy with her now 3-year-old daughter and she fell in love with it immediately. She writes, “I loved how great a workout it gave me, how it really targeted my core, but worked every muscle in my body, how it made me feel more confident and even sexy at times, and the new friends it brought into my life.” Along the way she decided to take on a “365 Day Last Hooper Standing Challenge” with no exceptions – not sickness, not child birth, nothing. While she didn’t make it a year, she did hoop for 137 days and wrote a little about her experience daily. Sheryl notes, “I never blogged or kept a journal or diary prior to this and that in and of itself was therapeutic for me.” Want some of that kind of therapy in your life? Our Daily Practice Forum is a great space to check in with other hoopers daily and come Sunday we’ll be all be meeting there throughout the month of April when we hoop together for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. And when Sheryl took the time to re-read her notes from her experience – “it was really nice to remember things related to the pregnancy and the kids that I had forgotten – even the difficult times. Equally important, it made me feel proud of myself. I don’t know about you, but it’s not often that I feel that.” Join us on Sunday when we kick off our new 30/30 Spring Renewal Challenge and announce the prize winner of our last 30/30.

Ula Ula Lecciones

Mariana of Tienda Malabares is here with some hula hoop lessons in Espanol covering waist hooping, hand hooping, chest hooping and knees. Tienda Malabares has two locations in both Guadalajara and Mexico City, Mexico.

Mariana de Tienda Malabares está aquí con algunas lecciones de hula hoop en Español que cubren la cintura hooping mano, hula, hula en el pecho y las rodillas. Tienda Malabares tiene dos sedes en Guadalajara y la Ciudad de México, México.

Hula Hoop Bruising: Hooping Black and Blue

Hula Hoop Bruise

Photo by itendo

[’s Editor Philo Hagen looks closely at our bruises.]

by Philo Hagen

If you’re an adult taking your first spins at hooping and you’ve devoted a couple of hours of happy hoop time to your newly discovered wonderland inside the plastic circle, chances are you probably found yourself a little black and blue the next day. Do not be alarmed. Welcome to one of the rites of passage as a hooper: bruising. While it’s not something you hear hoopers talking about too much, most of us have been there and experienced the horror and amazement of finding a purplish spot on our hip or elsewhere that seemed to arrive out of nowhere. In retrospect, however, providing we weren’t inebriated at the time, many of us can recall that at some point, perhaps an hour into the exciting hooping session, we may have noticed that we were getting a little hip-sensitive, but we were having such a good time we kept on hooping anyway. The next day, of course, we then discovered our own discoloration. What is that bruise all about and how can we best treat and prevent bruising ourselves in the future?