The Hooping Life Spins Up February

The Hooping Life The Hooping Life, the documentary film about the roots of the modern hoop dance movement, is spinning things up all month long in cities across North America. We told you awhile back about how to bring the film to where you live and throughout the month of February hoopers are doing just that. Is the film playing near you this month?

February 11th: Alexandria, Virginia, USA
February 11th: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
February 16th: Austin, Texas, USA
February 18th: Medford/Boston, Massachusetts, USA
February 23rd: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
February 24th: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
February 29th: Toronto, Canada, USA

Want to bring the movie to you? You can find out how to do that here. The film is currently available for screenings world-wide, having had it’s European premiere earlier this month in Tampere, Finland. Now is the time to get to see this incredible film on the big screen. Don’t miss out.

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